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“Student and Alumni Success” showcases the diverse interests and accomplishments of various law students and graduates. Although they all share a common degree, they are more than just lawyers. They are entrepreneurs, Presidential Management Fellows, partners and shareholders at major law firms, in-house counsels for multinational corporations, judicial clerks, accountants, auditors, public interest workers, human rights defenders, mediators and much more. Read a few of our alumni and student success stories collected over the years below.

+ - Jack Anderson (JD '15) parlays externship into position at Blizzard Entertainment

Jack Anderson in the officeJack found himself in a unique place as the only first-year associate at Blizzard Entertainment after parlaying a hard-earned externship into a full-time position.

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+ - Jeffrey Greenman (JD ’06) proposes new legislation after a case over prescription mix-up

jeffrey greenmanJeffrey will take a recent Southern California case to Sacramento in hopes of bringing about new legislation to change how prescription medications are handled.

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+ - Jason Burris (JD '08) finds national spotlight with unusual elder abuse case

jason burrisJason jumped into the national spotlight with a feature in The Washington Post’s “True Crime” section covering one of his more unusual cases.

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+ - Michelle Knowles (JD ’00) receives First Chair Award for her accomplishments as in-house counsel

michelle knowlesMichelle was recognized by her peers in September of 2016 with a First Chair Award, which recognizes the country’s most innovative and accomplished in-house counsel for their achievements and significant contributions to the legal community.  

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+ - Caroline Hahn (JD ’03) elected president of the Orange County Korean American Bar Association

caroline hahnCaroline was elected as OC KABA president after three years as an active board member and nearly 10 years as a general member. 

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+ - Diana Day Zivich (JD '07) lands principal position with sports agency thanks to creative networking

diana dayHaving worked her way from on-air sports broadcaster to Principal at an elite full-service sports management and marketing firm, Diana is eager to impart the biggest lesson learned over the course of her career: network early and often.

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+ - Hunter Taylor (JD '07) helps youth find a second chance through literacy as Deputy DA

alumnus Hunter TaylorHunter took a unique approach to his role as a Deputy DA with the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, founding and leading Real Men Read, an outreach program for incarcerated and at-risk youth designed to address the correlation between literacy and crime rates.

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+ - Jonathan Shin (JD '16) wins immigration case as 3L student

Johnathan ShinJonathan assigned himself an extra assignment during his three years at Chapman University Fowler School of Law: He took an actual case...and won.

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+ - Sean Bigley (JD '13) finds niche in national security

Sean BigleyJust six months after passing the bar, Sean opened his own law firm dealing exclusively with federal security clearance matters and representing clients in administrative tribunals at agencies like the CIA and Department of Defense.  

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+ - Quan Vuong (JD and LL.M.’11) publishes children’s book based on estate planning practice

quan vuongVuong found inspiration from his two children to write Little Lawyers on Estate Planning: Ellie Gets a Will and Trust, which he uses to help his clients understand the basic principles of wills and trusts. 

+ - Samantha Jones (JD '15) visits Supreme Court after externship success

Samantha JonesThanks to a successful On-Campus Interview, Samantha found herself heading to the Supreme Court.

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+ - Amanda Singer (JD '13) starts in highly competitive field after graduation

Amanda SingerAmanda Singer became a business owner in the highly competitive mediation field after participating in Chapman's Mediation Clinic.

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+ - Paul Alarcón (JD '10) serves as Judicial Clerk in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

paul alarconPaul Alarcón served as a Judicial Clerk for the Honorable Daniel A. Manion, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. 

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+ - Nilima Shah (LL.M. '13) passes California Bar Exam on first attempt

Nilima ShahInternational LL.M. Graduate Nilima Kamal Shah passed the California State Bar on her first attempt with hopes to establish her own immigration law practice in Southern California.   

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+ - Eghosa "Courage" Isibor (LL.M. '14) comes to Fowler Law LL.M. program from top 10 Nigerian law firm

Eghosa Isibor with Professor SteinerEghosa Isibor came to Fowler School of Law from one of Nigeria's top firms for a first-hand experience in International Transactions

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+ - Christian McGuigan (JD '10) parlays work in Fowler Law clinics to career in social action film

Christian McGuiganAfter participating in Chapman's Entertainment Contracts Law Clinic, Christian McGuigan became the manager of a social action film campaigns.

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+ - Tiffany Chang (JD '13) pioneers student gay rights organization at Fowler Law

Tiffany ChangTiffany Chang, a recipient of the "Outstanding Graduate Award," pioneered a student gay rights organization while studying at Chapman's Fowler School of Law. 
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+ - Billy Essayli (JD '10) serves as one of three White House student interns

Billy EssayliBilly Essayli ('10) met the president while interning at the White House Counsel's Office.

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+ - Munira Akhunzada (LL.M. '13) lands prestigious position with UN Women

Munira AkhunzadaMunira Akhunzada’s journey from Afghanistan to Chapman and back helped her land a position with UN Women.

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+ - Hugo Salazar (JD '16) overcomes adversity to pursue law degree

Hugo SalazarHugo Salazar was a 2013 Recipient of the OC Hispanic Bar Association Scholarship.

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+ - Jeffrey Greenman (JD '06) opens firm one year out of law school

Jeffrey Greenman started his own firm, GREENMANLAW P.C. in 2007, which specializes in personal injury and medical malpractice matters. Jeffrey Greenman

+ - Darrell Greenwald (JD '10, LL.M. '11) pursues solo practice after two degrees at Fowler School of Law

Darrell GreenwaldDarrell J. Greenwald (J.D. '10 & LL.M. '11) founded the A.L.A. Law Group after completing both his JD and LL.M. in Entertainment and Media Law at Fowler School of Law.

+ - Kathryn Casey Bonkowski (JD '03) becomes shareholder at Jackson DeMarco Tidus Peckenpaugh

Kathryn Casey BonkowskiKathryn Casey Bonkowski finds her years on Chapman Law Review helpful as a shareholder at Jackson DeMarco Tidus Peckenpaugh. 

+ - Kyndell Paine utilizes networking prowess to land position at Disneyland Resort

Kyndell PaineKyndell traces her success in landing the plum position to her participation in an innovative legislative advocacy course at Chapman, part of the school's Institute of Public Law program.

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+ - Serra Aladag (JD '09) becomes first-ever legal intern at CNBC London

Serra AladagSerra Aladag was the first-ever legal extern at CNBC London, giving her a chance to work on high-impact international media projects including licensing, distribution and risk management.

+ - Ranna Jahanshai (LL.M. '11) becomes first international student to pass the California Bar exam

Ranna JahanshaiRanna Jahanshai (LL.M '11), originally from London, had to learn three years' worth of material in two months.

+ - Lindsay Johnson (JD '13) breaks record as Fowler School of Law's Top Moot Court Competitor

Lindsay JohnsonLindsay Johnson is the only student to receive the top awards in all three possible categories for moot court competitions 

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+ - Samantha Deutschel (JD '11) finds specialty niche working with NFL athletes

Samantha DeutschelSamantha Deutschel has found her niche in workers’ compensation and working with NFL athletes.

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+ - Neda Sargordan (JD '07) returns as staff for the Family Protection Clinic

Neda SargordanAfter graduating in 2007, Neda Sargordan returned to Chapman as a staff attorney for the Family Protection Clinic. She now works for Citizenship & Immigration Services.

+ - Brandon Erickson (JD '11) survive Iraq bombing to become an inspiration at Fowler School of Law

Brandon EricksonBrandon Erickson's injuries served as motivation in his pursuit of helping other veterans through his education at Fowler School of Law.

+ - Jimmy Blalock (JD '09) joins Fowler School of Law Alumni Advisory Board

Jimmy BlalockJimmy Blalock served as Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board at Chapman's Fowler School of Law from 2011-2012.

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+ - Martina Vigil and Lauren Mayfield face off in criminal court

Martina Vigil and Lauren MayfieldChapman roommates Martina Vigil ('10) and Lauren Mayfield ('10) appeared opposite each other in Orange County Superior Court, representing clients in a felony criminal law case.

+ - Christina Ignatius (JD '09) interns at MTV Networks in Los Angeles

Christina IgnatiusChristina Ignatius pursued her interest in entertainment law through internship. 

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+ - Osama Zaid (LL.M. '14) uses new understanding of international law to serve future career

Osama ZaidOsama Mohammad Zaid of Saudi Arabia used his time at Chapman University Fowler School of Law to broaden his knowledge of international law while specializing in International Business Law and Comparative Law. 

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