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photo of Tyler Ferrari
Tyler Ferrari
Director of Justice
Class of 2019
Tyler is a Political Science major and Economics minor.
He has worked in Civic Engagement on campus and leads the Chapman chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.
“I am very excited to serve as the SGA director of Justice this year. I look forward to helping SGA achieve their goals in ways that are consistent with our operating documents and constitution. I also am proud to be a representative of SGA on campus and address any student concerns regarding SGA and its operations. With my experience in local and state government, I believe that I will serve an important role in helping make SGA a better organization for all of our students.”
photo of Diane Kim
Diane Kim
Review Board Member
Class of 2021
"I applied for the review board because I love working with others; I like to listen thoroughly, but I also like to speak up for what I believe. I am excited to serve on the review board this year because I've been interested in SGA for a while and I can't wait to work with the team!"
photo of Hannah Hong
Hannah Hong
Review Board Member
Class of 2019
"I am very excited to join the review board because it's interesting to see the rules that govern the way our student government at Chapman works and operates. I feel as though it's so easy to take for granted all the hard work and effort it takes to make things happen in SGA and I am very excited to learn more about how the system works. I know things aren't always clean cut and black and white so I am here to look at things with an open mind to help where I can!"
photo of Carly White
Carly White
Review Board Member
Class of 2019
"I wanted to be a part of the review board to meet new people, contribute positively to my school, and get more involved in SGA, an organization I have been curious about since coming to chapman!"
photo of Justin Moore
Justin Moore
Review Board Member
Class of 2017
"I wanted to be a part of the review board to ensure that the Student Government Association is running efficiently and serving our students accordingly. I have been involved with many leadership organizations and feel that my experience will be beneficial in accomplishing those tasks."
photo of Michael Liu
Michael Liu
Review Board Member
Class of 2021
"As a member of the Review Board, I am excited to meet new people and make a positive difference at Chapman University. With my extensive background in speech and debate and community activism, I am confident that I will do right by the SGA and address all of its constitutional needs."