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    Cross-Cultural Initiatives (CCI)

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» Cross-Cultural Initiatives

Cross-Cultural Initiatives is a Division of Student Affairs effort that strives to offer opportunities that will expose the Chapman community to identities and experiences that are different than our own while we affirm and support the identities that we, as individuals, hold.



At Chapman University, we have a diverse community that adds to the Chapman culture. Through our programming, campaigns, and collaboration on special events, we seek to highlight and appreciate the many identities that our student, staff and faculty hold.


We Are Chapman Retreat Conversation All students should feel welcomed and included in our community. If there is ever an experience or situation that you feel is not welcoming, we want to know. We hope that you utilize our resources so that together we can create an open, inclusive and welcoming community.


Social Justice BBQ In order to continue our growth and understanding of the world we live in, we must be challenged to see and understand it through a different lens. Through CCI, we invite our Chapman community to events and programs that are being hosted by Chapman students, staff, faculty and local community members to be able to continue the learning and growth for ourselves.

Contact Us

Please contact the Cross-Cultural Initiatives Chair, Leti Wyatt, at lwyatt@chapman.edu for more information.

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Fill out the form linked below to help us identify bias or hate incidents involving Chapman community members.

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