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+ - Erik Kimbrough

Kimbrough, Erik O., Mark Pickup, and Eline de Rooij (2017). "Norms and Costly Identity-Driven Choices."

Freeman, David, Erik O. Kimbrough, and J. Philipp Reiss (2017). "Opportunity Cost, Inattention and The Bidder's Curse."

Hajikhameneh, Aidin and Erik O. Kimbrough (2017). "Individualism, Collectivism and Trade."

Akbari, Mahsa, Duman Bahrami-Rad, and Erik O. Kimbrough (2016). "Kinship, Fractionalization and Corruption."

+ - Vernon Smith

+ - Bart Wilson

Osborn, Jan, Bart J. Wilson and Gus P. Gradinger (2017). “Commerce Unbound: A Modern Promethean Story.”

Smith, Vernon L., Wilson, Bart J. (2017). "Equilibrium Play in Voluntary Ultimatum Games: Beneficence Cannot Be Extorted."

Smyth, Andrew, Wilson, Bart J. (2017). "No Mere Tautology: The Division of Labor is Limited by the Division of Labor."

Wilson , Bart J. (2017). “The Meaning of Property in Things.” 

Wilson, Bart J. (2016). "Becoming Just by Eliminating Injustice: The Emergence of Property in Virtual Economies."