» URL Shortcut Request

Use this form to request a shortcut or alias url to your longer website address. For example, if you send people to www.chapman.edu/smc the link will lead to the actual website at http://www.chapman.edu/campus-services/marketing-communication/index.aspx.

We highly recommend that your shortcut contains hyphens if it's multiple words eg apply-now or winter-concert.  This makes it more readable if in print, and helps search engines use those words from the filename as part of the cataloged content of your page in their databases.

Campaign Tracking Codes (Optional, for urls used in ad campaigns)

The remaining fields are optional. If provided they will add campaign-tracking information to the hits to your page from this shortcut. This can be used by your Web Coordinator to measure the success of a campaign. If this shortcut is NOT for a campaign, disregard this section.