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Chapman University has a mandatory parking permit policy implemented by the City of Orange. This policy is designed to promote on-campus parking so as to lessen the impact of street parking on the residents of Orange living in close proximity to the university. All university constituents – students, administrators, faculty and staff are required to have a parking permit and park in university owned or operated parking areas.  

So how do you get a permit?

  1. Log onto Vehicle Registration.
  2. Click on the link for online Form.
  3. Type in your user name and password (supplied by Information Systems and Technology Department prior to the start of the Fall Semester. It is the same user name and password used to  access your e-mail and Web Advisor).
  4. Enter the required data in the appropriate fields to register your vehicle or to verify your information already in the database and request a permit for the 2017/2018  academic year. If you need a permit for Summer Session 2016, please advise the dispatcher so the appropriate permit will be issued.  It is necessary to verify your information at the start of the fall semester. Click on the “add” or “edit” buttons next to the required fields to input the necessary data.  
  5. Once you have entered all the required data you must check the box verifying your information and that you have read the Parking Policy to complete the process.
Please print the confirmation page for your records. It can be used as a parking permit for up to two weeks, if your permit is being mailed to you.  Permits for 2017/18 will be mailed during the month of July. If you opt to pick the permit up in person, they will be available beginning the month of August.

    What type of information is required to register my vehicle?

    1. Vehicle license plate number and VIN number (16-digit serial number on the front dash of  the vehicle – also listed on your registration card or insurance card).
    2. Vehicle make (Chevrolet), model (Trailblazer), year, and color.
    3. Driver’s License Number.
    4. Type of decal requested (commuter or resident student, faculty, staff; full-time or part-time).

      So I registered my vehicle online – now how do I get my Permit?

      1. Once you have properly registered your vehicle on-line, if you selected the mail option, your permit will be mailed to you. The confirmation page is valid as a permit for up to two-weeks to allow time for permit to be mailed. Confirmation page must be displayed on the dashboard of the registered vehicle in order to be valid as a permit. Students are automatically charged a parking fee. Faculty and Staff must submit a receipt or Payroll Deduction Form before a permit can be mailed.
      2. If you selected to pick your permit up in person, after registering on-line, bring your Chapman I.D. to the Public Safety Office to obtain your permit. Students are automatically billed for a permit so no proof of payment is required. Administrators, faculty and staff must pay at the Cashier's Office and bring a receipt or submit a payroll deduction form to Public  Safety in order to obtain a permit. 
      3. Parking is enforced 24 hours-per day; 365 days-per-year. Parking in university owned or operated parking areas will result in a parking citation.

      I do not have a vehicle or use alternative means of transportation – how do I waive the parking permit fee?

      Under certain conditions, the parking permit fee can be waived provided a Permit Fee Waiver is submitted online by the deadline and approved by Public Safety. Filing a false waiver and driving a vehicle to campus (including using a city issued Area-A permit to park closer to campus) may result in disciplinary action up to and including a $500.00 fine.

      1. You access the waiver form following the same link as for Vehicle Registration.
      2. Type in your user name and password (supplied by Information Systems and Technology Department prior to the start of the Fall Semester. It is the same user name and  password used to access your e-mail and Web Advisor).
      3. When prompted, select the waiver option. If you have a permit or transponder, you will be unable to waive the parking fee until those are returned to Public Safety.
      4. After you click the waiver box you must indicate why you are requesting a waiver then click the proceed button.
      5. After you have submitted a Waiver Form online (you must waive by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday at the end of the 3rd week of classes) please print off the confirmation page for your records.  Late submittals will result in the waiver being denied.
      6. Student accounts will not be credited the parking fee unless the waiver reason is approved by the Parking Services Office.                       

      I waived my parking fee and now I need a permit to drive to campus, what do I do? 

      1. Go online and register your vehicle following the steps outlined on the front of this  form. Click the edit information button next to where a waiver is indicated to undo your waiver.
      2. Pay at the cashier or contact the Business Office to charge your account for the  permit. Bring receipt of payment along with your Chapman ID to the Public Safety Office (418 N. Glassell) to pick-up your permit.
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