Chancellor Daniele Struppa gives an Honors student a stole and diploma at Honors' pre-graduation banquet.

» Honors Achievements 2015-2016

+ - National Collegiate Honors Council Presentations

Chicago, IL
November 2015

Brian Kmetz
“Data Mining Techniques for use in Cancer Diagnosis/Treatment”

Anja Kruslin
“The Divergence of Paths”

Sohini Mukherjee
“Next Stop, Squalor - Foreign Perspectives on India and the Exoticism of Poverty”

Danielle Platt & Seth Yund
“The Gender in Your Genes: Biological Misrepresentations in the Gender Binary Model” 

+ - Western Regional Honors Council Presentations

Riverside, CA
April 2016

Sofya Bochkareva
“Pizza Delivery and Other Uses of Drone Technology”

Sarah Kenner
“The European Crisis Through a Literary Lens”

Natalie Kowell
“Just Hum a Merry Tune”

Devin Marcus
“Her Beauty and Her Terror:  The Use of Geography in Australian Horror”

Jamie Moseley
“The Costs of Cancer”
“The responsibilities of a College Newspaper”

 Sohini Mukherjee
“Next Stop, Squalor - Foreign Perspectives on India and the Exoticism of Poverty”

Seth Yund
“The Gender in Your Genes: Biological Misrepresentations in the Gender Binary Model”
“Effects of Human Recreational Activity on the Tameness of Common Loons (Gavia immer) in Northern Wisconsin”

+ - Chapman University Awards

Shelby Allen
CES Departmental Award
Esme Aston
Schweitzer Award
Hotaru Morita
Henry Kemp-Blair Trophy presented to a Graduating Senior for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre
Theatre Departmental Award

Sohini Mukherjee
Huntington Award
Outstanding Senior
Psychology departmental award

Andrew Petriello
Theatre Departmental Honors

Tansu Phillip
Nominated for the Outstanding Senior Leadership Award
Awarded the Spirit of Chapman Award Winner this year!
Chancellor's List

Mariah Spears
Fannie Kalis Award
Jonothan Statchel
Financial Executives International Award

Chloe Tardiff
Temianka Scholarship Recipiant

+ - University Honors Awards

Award for Academic Excellence (2015-2016)

Esme Aston
Nathan Loy
Lenore Porter
Thomas Seraydarian
Chloe Tardif

University Honors Program Student of the Year (2015-2016)

Brian Kmetz
Hannah Nailor

+ - University Honors Conference

Chapman University
May 7, 2016

Shelby Allen
"A Critique of the American Education System Through a Critical Pedagogy Lens"

Esme Aston
"The Cost of Education, and the Price of Ignorance"

Nicole Beck
"Creating a Serial Killer"

Arielle Berman
"Faith, Flamboyance, and Film: The Middle East’s Move Towards Sexual Conservatism"

Logan Day
"Maplevision, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse"

Shelley DeHekker
"From Vinyl to Spotify: The Impact of the Digital Age on PR and Finance within the Music Industry"

Evan DeVries
"InstaFamous: Tracking the Changing Music Industry"

Joseph Dye
"Gender Essentialism in Writing"

Alexa Ferrante
"National Parks: Use or Misuse"

Alyssa Flanders
"Maternal Depression and Your Future Child"

Nicole Hornaday
"How Computers Can Treat Cancer"

Camille Houphouet-Boigny
"Rise and Fall"

Brian Kmetz
"Socialized Moral Reasoning"

Anja Krušlin
"To The Uncertain Mind"

Michelle Liva
"Going Beyond Greed: The Psychology of Unethical Behavior in the Investment World"

Nathan Loy
"The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Schizophrenia"

Devin Marcus
"Australian Horror and Aboriginality"

Carter Moon
"We Believe in Nothing; The Nihilism of the Coen Brothers"

Hotaru Morita
"Popular Science and The Debate for Social Responsibility"

Marc Moshcatel
"Passing a Climate Change Bill"

Sohini Mukherjee
"Healthy Women: Empowerment of women in the Fight Against Poverty and Disease"

Hannah Nailor
"'Come Dream With Me': Film, Fantasy, & Intersubjectivity"

Quoc “Kurt” Nguyen
"Homosapiens: An Alternative Protein Source"

Andrew Petriello
"When the Story isn’t Yours – To Speak Again; a Play about Gun Violence and its Victims"

Tansu Philip
"No Media = No Rights: How The Sudanese Government Oppresses Its People Through Strict Media Control."

Lenore Porter
"Critical Mathematics: Math Education as a Tool for Equity"

Abbygail Quick
"The Escalation of U.S. Financial Crises by Behavior and Interaction"

Tradon Reid
"Fear and Greed: The Hidden Enemy of the Financial World"

Matthew Robillard
"Animation beyond Entertainment"

Joseph Rudin
"Free Will: Reality or Illusion?"

Anna Rose Warren
"Smaller Screens

Megan Schrotenboer
"Voluntourism: Help or Hindrance?"

Thomas Seraydarian
"Leanworld: A Critical Look at Yung Lean"

Mariah Spears
"Infusing Meaning in Movement"

Jonathan Stachel
"Politics and Production: Examining the link between the Presidency and the Economy"

Jordan Taffet
"Cancer and Nutrition: Fight it or Feed it"

Chloe Tardif
"Representation and Marginalization in U.S. Classical Music"

Sarah Thorson
"Approaching Environmental Issues through Dance"

Seth Yund
"The "unnatural" Sexes: how biologically inaccurate understandings of "sex" and "gender" in America have been used to deny marriage rights to trans- and intersexual individuals"

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