»Web and Interactive Guidelines and Policies

Chapman Web and Interactive Marketing (WIM) wants to encourage responsible use of the web.  We encourage participation on social networks, enjoy publicizing news and events on our homepage, and value the tools that allow us to communicate with our internal and external audiences.  Subsequently, Chapman Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) needs to ensure compliance to the highest brand standards and legal requirements.  In addition, we hope to influence Chapman's web presence so that is accessible and organized for our Faculty, Students, Staff, Alumni, and Chapman spectators.

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our web guidelines and policy so that you can help us reach these goals.

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  • Homepage Guidelines - Submitting Content

    Chapman University's homepage is designed to attract and inform a variety of audiences.  It is important that content that appears on the homepage is consistent with overall University goals and is therefore moderated by Strategic Marketing and Communication.  There will always be more content than can fit on a homepage, and it is only natural for different departments to value their message over the messages of others.  These guidelines will assist individuals who wish to submit content understand the steps and the rational behind our process.

    News and Events:

    Chapman University's website includes a dedicated area to promote news and events.  This section of the Chapman homepage creates previews of news and events, and then links to the full item.  To post news or an event in this area, the site needs to be added as an official event, or an official news story.


    'Happenings' serves as the primary news source for Chapman University.  To submit a news story, please email our Director of Public Relations, Mary Platt.


    Events are submitted using 25 Live. These events are moderated, approved, and then added to the master calendar located here: http://www.chapman.edu/eventplanning/

    For information on event planning at Chapman University, please visit: http://www.chapman.edu/eventplanning/

    Callout Image Guidelines:

    The University's website includes a callout image area that is designed to highlight campus announcements, upcoming events, and breaking news. The callout image area would be used when exposure in the existing news and events does not sufficiently promote a particular item. Because there will be more requests than can be accommodated for the callout image of the website, it is at the discretion of SMC to determine what items will be promoted in this area of the homepage.

    Here are a few things to consider regarding the callout area of the website.

    • Callout images must link to a more complete version.
      • In the case of events, it must link out to full event details.
      • In the case of news, it must link to the full article.
    • Pages that are linked to from the callout images must be compliant with University website publication guidelines.
    • Preference will be given to items that contribute to Chapman University's pursuit of national recognition.
    • As it relates to events, preference will be given to events of large scale (attendance, budget).

    To submit an item to be promoted in the callout image area of the homepage, please contact the Web and Interactive Marketing Manager, David May.

    • Is the microsite for an event or capital campaign?
    • Is the event or capital campaign reoccurring?
    • Does the event or capital campaign align with our overall messaging?'
    • Does the event or capital campaign draw (in a meaningful way) a national or international audience?

    Example Timeline:


  • 1. Chapman does not allow text in images for the following reasons:

    Exceptions include:

    • Art such as magazine or book covers

    2. Chapman will allow collages in mastheads, but all collages will be subject to quality control by the WIM team. All collages must be submitted by the client department or office. At this time, the WIM team does not have the resources necessary to create collages for clients. If the WIM team feels that the submitted collage will undermine site consistency or aesthetics, we reserve the right to remove the masthead. In these cases, the WIM team will make every effort to work with department or office in question to find a suitable alternative.

    • All pages submitted to web coordinators will be approved within 6 working hours.
    • If a page is submitted and rejected, the clock re-starts at time the page is re-submitted.  The page will be published within six hours.
    Find your web coordinator.