» Graduate Programs

The graduate programs at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Conservatory of Motion Pictures are designed to empower you with the skills required to meet the challenges and expectations of the film and television industry.

You, along with a select group of fellow students, will immerse yourself in your chosen field under the tutelage of a highly accomplished faculty of industry professionals. This intensive, conservatory-based education provides the practical, hands-on training that will ultimately facilitate your entry into the highly competitive world of film and television.

M.F.A. Film Production »

Pursue hands-on filmmaking if you are interested in directing, cinematography, editing or sound design.

M.A. Film Studies  »

Study film history, critical theory and the language of aesthetics as well as develop the writing skills necessary to be a great film critic or film historian.

M.F.A. Film and Television Producing »

Join the ranks of the people who drive production and make sure all aspects of the film are on task and completed.

M.F.A. Documentary Filmmaking »

Learn how to develop compelling, original content through a rigorous, interdisciplinary research and development process.

M.F.A. Production Design »

Tap into your artistic talents to create the look of a world on film. Perfect for artists and designers who want to work in film or on television.

M.F.A. Screenwriting »

Hone your craft as a writer and get your ideas ready to pitch to development execs and others who can give your project the green-light.

M.B.A./M.F.A Film and Television Producing »

Offered in conjunction with the Argyros School of Business and Economics for those interested in a business career in the entertainment field.

J.D./M.F.A Film and Television Producing »

Offered in conjunction with Chapman University’s School of Law for those interested in a legal career in the entertainment field.