Schmid College of Science and Technology

A leader in teaching, research and discovery, applying interdisciplinary problem-solving to global issues.

In the Schmid College of Science and Technology, we have made it our mission to mentor and grow the next generation of leaders through a curriculum that develops outstanding problem solving skills in the context of the grand, interdisciplinary challenges facing us today.  The leaders we train will thereby be well-prepared to push the boundaries of our knowledge and drive technological innovation. As the world becomes more interconnected a background in science and technology has become crucial, and as Chapman University moves towards the future, the Schmid College of Science and Technology will be leading the pack with innovative research and hands-on learning experiences. 

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    The Grand Challenges Initiative

    We’re launching a revolutionary approach to STEM learning where Schmid College students become immersed in solving the planet's greatest challenges.
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  • Center for Science and Technology

    At 140,000 square feet, the Center for Science and Technology reflects Chapman’s deep commitment to the sciences. Students from all of Schmid College’s programs will thrive in a space created to address Chapman’s forward looking approach to science education through interdisciplinary study.
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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Cancer Biology

Marco Bisoffi, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, dedicates his time to studying cancer, specifically of the breast and prostate. Giving Chapman University students a special and rare opportunity at the undergraduate level, Dr. Bisoffi works side-by-side with students in the lab to generate data on this vital research endeavor.

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Center for Science and Technology

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Center for Science and Technology

To further distinguish itself as a preeminent institution of higher education by advancing its science programs, Chapman University is investing in the construction of a new, 140,000 square-foot Center for Science and Technology.

In the same way that building Marion Knott Studios propelled Dodge College of Film and Media Arts almost immediately to its place among the top film schools in the nation, the Center for Science and Technology will significantly enhance every activity of Chapman's science students and faculty members, elevating the University to a new class of research institution.