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» Bachelor of Science in Physics

Internationally known faculty, currently conducting research with students on such topics as quantum field theory, quantum and statistical mechanics, and string cosmology, have created a program that teaches undergraduates how to define and redefine our universe.

Drawing from the inspiration and expertise of renowned quantum theorist Yakir Aharonov, the faculty has created a program that is rapidly gaining national attention.  All students are encouraged to work with professors toward completion of research projects and publication of scholarly works.

The degree gives students advanced preparation for graduate studies in a multitude of disciplines and prepares them for careers in the fields of financial engineering, computational science and biotechnology.

Check out our blog for more about what it's like to be in the physics program at Chapman University.

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Visit the Academic Advising portal. There you’ll find contact information for all Schmid College program advisors, as well as links to MAPs for each program.

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Dr. Yakir Aharonov

Do we truly have freedom of choice in this universe, or are our choices predetermined?  Watch Dr. Aharonov’s lecture What Can We Learn About Ourselves From Modern Physics?

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