» Franklin W. Deese
Adjunct Faculty

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Franklin W. Deese
University of California, Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts
University of California, Los Angeles, Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting

Dodge College Courses: Film Script Analysis, Production Workshop I
Industry Affiliations: Writers Guild of America

Frank Deese sold his first screenplay idea while still in graduate school, and he immediately signed with a young agent at William Morris. Not long after, Deese got his first gig with Steven Spielberg to write the pilot episode of his television series, Amazing Stories. Deese has had the opportunity to work with many industry greats and is proud to have two “written by” credits for his films The Principal and Josh and S.A.M. as well as his un-credited re-write work on Alaska, Beyond Rangoon, and Small Soldiers.

“Having to put what I know into words forces me to understand it more clearly,” he says. “I’m very grateful for what I learn from my students as they grapple with the mysterious craft of screenwriting. I teach to learn, and maybe surrender a bit of what I know.”