Micol Hebron

Micol Hebron

Associate Professor
Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Department of Art
Expertise: New Genres (Video Art, Performance Art, New Media); Data Visualization; Gender Equity; Social Practice;
Office Location: Moulton Hall 225
Office Hours: M/W: 4pm–5pm, T/Th: 10am–12pm
Phone: (714) 744-7013
Freshman Foundations Program
University of California, Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts
University of California, Los Angeles, Master of Fine Arts


Professor Micol Hebron is a video and performance artist who has worked out of Los Angeles for the past 15 years. Originally from Northern California, Professor Hebron has studied at UCSD, the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Venice, Italy, and UCLA. She received her MFA in New Genres from UCLA in 2000. She maintains active involvement in the Los Angeles art community in numerous ways. In 1997 she founded Gallery B-12, a cooperative artist-run exhibition and lecture space in Hollywood. In 2002 and 2003 she co-produced the Full Nelson Festival, a showcase of international performance art.  In 2004 she founded the LA Art Girls, a collective of 30+ women artists in the LA area. LA Art Girls is a post-graduate critique group dedicated to furthering critical discourse and inspiring continued creative practice amongst professional women artists in Los Angeles.

Professor Hebron sits on the editorial board of X-Tra magazine, and she currently writes for Art Forum, Flash Art International, and Arte Contexto. She has an active exhibition practice and has exhibited, performed and lectured throughout the US and in Europe. Her most recent solo show was at Sabina Lee Gallery in Los Angeles, and she will be performing and moderating a panel at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow, Scotland in February of 2008. She is currently working on a book project titled "1 Image 1 Minute", which will be a selection of 1-minute narratives by various art world professionals speaking about individual photographs that are significant to them.

Since receiving her MFA, Professor Hebron has held teaching positions in new genres and contemporary art history and theory at Art Center College of Design, UCLA Extension, and Chaffey College. She has presented lectures and papers at the Society for Photographic Education, Pepperdine University, UCLA, the University of Tennessee, the San Francisco Art Institute, and The Getty Center, among other institutions. She is ecstatic to be able to call Chapman her home now, and is looking forward to helping to build courses of study in Video Art, Performance Art, and Digital Media.

MFA, New Genres, UCLA, 2000
BFA, Fine Art, Summa Cum Laude, UCLA, 1995

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Hebron authored an essay for the catalog for the exhibition "Still They Persist", Wave Pool Gallery and DAAP’s Reed Gallery, Camp Washington, Cincinnati, OH, March
Hebron organized a community conversation, "Feminist Friday", for the exhibition Animating The Archives: History of the Women’s Building, at Avenue 50 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA May 20, 2017
Hebron co-curated, and featured a new work in the exhibition, "Masculine/Feminine", at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA
Hebron served as faculty advisor and director for the graduate students of the Otis Public Practice Program for the presentation of "Feminism! Feminism? Feminism…", a daylong Symposium on Feminism 4D, Main Museum, Los Angeles, CA, May 13, 2017
Hebron juried and curated "Cryin’ Out Loud", a national exhibition of all female-identified artists at the Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, April 2017
Hebron curated and produced the third annual "Femmes’ Video Art Festival", The Situation Room, August 27th, 2017. This festival featured 22 artists from around the world, and screened 28 videos.
Hebron curated "Please", a solo exhibition of work by Seth Kaufmann at The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA. April 2017
Hebron produced the exhibition "OURS" featuring 8 emerging women artists of color, curated by Janeth Aparicio (MFA student at Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA), at The Situation Room, February 2017.
Professor Hebron co-curated and presented Fair, an all-women art fair at Brickell City Cenre in Miami, Florida during Artweek, 2017.
Professor Hebron and four students presented 180 posters from Gallery Tally as part of the exhibition Starless Midnight, curated by Laurence Sillars and Edgar Arceneaux at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle, England
Professor Hebron's video art piece, "Final Fantasy" screened at the Hirschhorn Museum in Washington D.C. as part of the exhibition Count/Recount, about sexual assault and abuse survivors, guest curated by Carmen Hermo, curator at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.
Hebron is included in the list of artists discussed by Rebecca Bloom's article in LA Confidential magazine, “New LA Artists You Need to Know About Right Now”, June 19, 2017.
Farah Joan Fard discusses Hebron's research in her article for Bustle magazine, “Women Outnumber Men at Art Schools – So Why Isn’t Their Work Being Shown In Galleries Once They Graduate?”, May 18, 2017
Hebron's work on gender equity in the art world is featured in an article by Cathie Anderson for the Sacramento Bee, “ Artist Micol Hebron takes on artist inequality in galleries, museums”, March 20, 2017,
The project space that Professor Hebron runs, The Situation Room, is featured in an article by Patrick Quinn for Art and Cake magazine, “Los Angeles has its own Situation Room”, February 21, 2017
Professor Hebron is a featured artist in Shana Nys Dambrot's article for Whitehot Magazine “22 LA Based Artists You Need To Know On Instagram”, January 2017
Hebron curated the "St Bob Flanagan Memorial Sick Clinic" presented by Sheree Rose and Rhiannon Aaron for The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA, January 6, 2017
Professor Hebron's project, Gallery Tally is discussed in a chapter of Iris Van der Tuin's book “Gender/Nature, Interdisciplinary Handbook. Nature in the Museum: Getting into the Museum: Underrepresentation and Feminist Activism”, Macmillan Reference, USA, August 2016
Two of Hebron's artworks are discussed in a chapter of Starr Goode's book "Sheela Na Gig The Dark Goddess of Sacred Power", Simon & Schuster, December 2016
Hebron organized and presented "Art and Activism", a protest sign-making workshop and symposium at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood, CA, December 11, 2016 (including artist commissions)
Feminist Friday, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA. March 18, 2016
Group Exhibition (including Gallery Tally) at Kaufmann Repetto Gallery, Milan, Italy. "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions", June 2016
Contributing artist in group exhibition titled "Intersectionality", curated by Richard Haden for the North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL (June-August)
Hebron's project Gallery Tally was featured in a web component of an exhibition titled "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions", Kaufman Repetto Gallery, Milan, Italy
Hebron's project Gallery Tally (including contributions by Chapman students) was featured in the group exhibition, "Broadcast", at Keystone Studios, Curated by Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno, Los Angeles, CA
Gallery Tally was featured in a solo exhibition, curated by Courtney Kessel at the Trisolini Gallery at Ohio University, Athens, OH
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, A solo exhibition of 475 artist-designed posters that comprise the Gallery Tally Poster Project
Femmes Video Art Festival at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Produced and Directed by Micol Hebron/The Situation Room, April 6-17th, 2016
Second Annual Femmes Video Art Festival, hosted by The Situation Room, conceived and organized by Micol Hebron, April 23, April 30, 2016
Hebron organized and moderated "Feminist Friday*, a community conversation at Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, October 14, 2016. Feminist Friday was produced at the invitation of Gavlak director Julie Russo, Chapman Art Department alumna.
Hebron produced and moderated, "Feminist Friday", a community conversation at The Situation Room, November 11, 2016
Hebron curated the exhibition "Liquid/Solid", by Arden Surdam, The Situation Room, Los Angeles, September 8th – 30th, 2016
Professor Hebron's project and exhibition Gallery Tally are discussed in Meghan Morris' article for The Post Athens, “'Gallery Tally' exhibit consists of posters demonstrating the underrepresentation of female artists”, November 27, 2016
Professor Hebron was interviewed by Francesca Capossela for the article “Artistic Responses to tragedy on Social Media”, The Creators Project at VICE, September 12, 2016
Miranda, Carolina, LA Times, “Social media have become a vital tool for artists — but are they good for art?”, June 23, 2016
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Knight, Christopher, Los Angeles Times, “How much do art galleries favor men over women? Gallery Tally poster project puts answer on the wall”, March 31, 2016
Motto at Time.com “An Artist Explains the Issue with Kim Kardashian’s Naked Selfies”, March 11, 2016
Hebron, Micol, Motto at Time.com “An Artist Explains the Issue with Kim Kardashian’s Naked Selfies”, March 11, 2016
Hanson, Brittany, Chapman Blogs, “Radical Sabbatical: Gallery Tally a colorful backdrop for inclusion”, April 22, 2016
Wagley, Catherine, Artnews, “With ‘Gallery Tally Project’, Micol Hebron Examines Gender Inequality in the Art Market”, May 26, 2016
Professor Hebron is interviewed by NPR reporter Lauren Frayer for “In A First, Spain's Museum Puts The Spotlight On A Female Artist”, National Public Radio, Morning Edition, November 30, 2016
Hebron performed a 24-hour performance art piece titled "Body of Knowledge" at Arnarholl Hill in Reykjavik, Iceland. May 2016
Hebron curated a large video exhibition of international video art by 55 women artists for The Situation Room, "Feminist Video" (inaugural exhibition, February 21st), Eagle Rock, CA
Hebron has conceived, organized, and hosted bi-monthly community meetings titled "Feminist Friday", beginning in February of 2015, and ongoing through present. Feminist Friday is a free, public, community open forum, hosted at The Situation Room, Hebron's artistic project space in Eagle Rock, CA
Hebron curated an exhibition by Gary Cannone, "Never Give a Guy a Sucker an Even Break" at The Situation Room, June 27 – July 26 2016
Hebron presented an exhibition of posters from "Gallery Tally" at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, Il. This project featured posters by 15 Chapman students and alumni, in addition to artworks by several international artists.
Hebron co-curated and co-organized the exhibition "XX Redux" with Nancy Buchannan and Marcus Herse, for the Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA
Solo Exhibition, Gallery Tally: Inequality in the Art World, Matucana 100 Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile, November 3 - December 1, 2015
Curated Video Exhibition, Voces Feroces: womens' voices in contemporary video, Matucana 100 Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile, November 3 - December 1, 2016
Curated an exhibition by the artist collective "Patient Experience", for The Situation Room in Los Angeles, CA. (members of Patient experience include Chapman alumni Lauren Potts, Patricia Burns, Hannah Karsen, Sydney Snyder, and Dylan Trumbull, and artists Siobhan Hebron, Dominic Quagliozzi, Bettina Hubby, and Daniel Leighton). June 13 - 12st, 2015
Hebron curated an exhibition of video, installation, and performance by Chapman Video Art and New Genres students at The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA. December 11, 2015
Hebron organized an exhibition titled "Quiet Horny", curated by Jimmy Xie (Chapman student) for The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA. (featuring Chapman students Alison Pirie, Fernando Silva, Haley Hopkins, Liatris Hethcoat and Santiago Cervantes) November 23 - December 5th, 2015
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A mini documentary was made by MSNBC about Hebron's projects Gallery Tally, The Situation Room, and the Femmes' Video Art Festival. Video: MSNBC Originals, Breaking Glass: Protesting Sexism in Her Backyard, Micol Hebron, directed by Elettra Fiumi and Grannycart Productions, released March 25, 2015
Hebron presented three performance art works as part of an exhibition titled "Autobody", produced by Spinello Projects for Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina (May 31 – June 8th)
Hebron curated, organized, and presented a public, live event, "I Image I Minute", co-curated with Shana Lutker and X-Tra magazine, for the Los Angeles Artists Book Fair, Los Angeles, CA. January 31, 2015
A review of Professor Hebron's collaborative project appeared in the magazine Site 95. McDonnell, Ross, “The Gallery Tally Poster Project”, Site95, May 2014
Hebron, Micol “Hannah Wilke”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Visitor audioguide, July – September, 2014. Audio
Hebron presented an exhibition of posters from her crowd-sourced project "Gallery Tally" at Area: Lugar de Projectos in Caguas, Puerto Rico (Dec 13, 2014-Jan 15, 2015). This project featured artworks by 12 Chapman Students, in addition to artworks from artists from around the world.
Hebron exhibited 40 artworks from her Gallery Tally project, in the exhibition, "Tracers Takes Over", at Hopkins Hall Gallery, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Hebron presented a new artwork in the group exhibition "Mysterious Burial Mask: Information and Evidence" at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum, San Bernardino, CA
Professor Hebron was invited to curate an edition of "Picture This", for ForYourArt, (she featured Kio Griffith, Cara Despain, D. Hill, and Carolyn Campbell). For "Picture This" an artist is invited to draft a series of questions, and invite other artists to answer those questions, using only images.
"Thanks for the Mammaries" was an exhibition and breast cancer benefit, presented at ForYourArt Exhibition space in Los Angeles. I presented an original photographic artwork as well as a performance art piece that I performed in collaboration with Chapman student Adam Lee
Professor Hebron and 12 Chapman students participated in a group exhibition titled "The OC Academy" at the Irvine Fine Art Center. "The OC Academy" featured renowned contemporary artists who teach in Orange County, and their students.
"(en)Gendered (in)Equity" was a solo exhibition of new work by Professor Hebron, presented at ForYourArt on Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA
Professor Hebron curated the program "1 Image 1 Minute" for the Bass Museum of Art, Miami, FL. This was an event featuring live presentations by 30 members of the cultural community in Miami, and 5 students from Chapman.
Professor Hebron curated and presented "1 Image 1 Minute", Bemis Art Center, Omaha, NE, Including 45 Omaha area residents from various disciplines
Video: KCET Artbound, Galleries Are a Man’s World, and Micol Hebron is Keeping Score, September 2, 2014 (documentary video about Gallery Tally)
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Hebron presented a new performance art work titled "Interior Scroll" in the group exhibition of international female artists as part of the "AutoBody", with Spinello Projects for Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
Professor Hebron presented a large new body of original artworks (including video, performance, photography) titled "Reverse Engineering" at Jancar Gallery, in Los Angeles. Eight Chapman students and alumni participated in a performance (with me) titled "We Are Here For You" at the opening reception of the exhibition.
I presented an original body of artworks, produced in conjunction with 5 Chapman students and alumni in the exhibition titled "Margin Release Right" at the West Los Angeles College Art Gallery
I presented an original body of work and a new performance art piece in a solo exhibition as part of a series of exhibitions titled "Show and Tell" at the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, CA
In collaboration with a Chapman Art Major, Professor Hebron organized and curated a multi-media exhibition and catalog for an exhibition titled "Transmediation", ARTspace, College Art Association Media Lounge, New York, NY, Including 52 artists from 10 east coast colleges.
Professor Hebron and Chapman Art Major, Dylan Trumbull organized and presented the video art exhibition "Transmediation", at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, NY, Including 52 artists from 10 east coast colleges (Columbia, Hunter CUNY, Museum School, Boston, SVA, MIT, RISD, NYU, UConn,
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