Dr. Lawrence Brown

Dr. Lawrence Brown

Professor, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
School of Pharmacy
Expertise: Medication Therapy Management; Pharmacoeconomics; Consumer Perception of Pharmacists; Survey Research; Large Database Research;
Office Location: Rinker Health Science Campus 116
Phone: (714) 516-5487
University of the Pacific, Doctor of Pharmacy
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, Ph.D.


In addition to the degrees listed in the Education section above, Dr. Brown holds the following credential: FAPhA. Dr. Lawrence “LB” Brown is Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs and a Full Professor in the school of pharmacy, where he will be responsible for admissions, curriculum, and progression of students.

Prior to joining the School of Pharmacy’s Administrative team, he was an Associate Professor of Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in Memphis. There he served in various roles, including Vice-Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chair of the Health Outcomes and Policy Research Division, Director of Graduate Studies in Health Outcomes and Policy Research, and Director of the UT Center for Medication Therapy Management Center. He also served as the UT Health Science Center Faculty Senate President. He earned his PharmD degree at the University of the Pacific in 1999, and his PhD in Social and Administrative Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota in 2003.

He is a fellow, a former trustee, and former Speaker of the House of the American Pharmacists Association. He is currently elected to serve as President of the American Pharmacists Association in 2015. Dr. Brown was selected the Pharmacy Student of the Year in 1999, by the California Pharmacists Association, a “Men of Excellence” awardee in 2010, by the Tri-State Defender, and a “Medallion of the Association” awardee in 2001, by the Hungarian Private Pharmacists Association.

Dr. Brown’s career in pharmacy began as a U.S. Air Force pharmacy technician in 1985. After the Air Force, he worked in the Pharmacy Operations department as a pharmacy computer systems trainer and help desk tech for Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Since becoming a pharmacist, he has dedicated his career to the expansion of pharmacists’ roles within the health care system that improve patient health, and the improvement of patient’s perception of pharmacists. Dr. Brown is an International Expert in the area of Medication Therapy Management (MTM). In addition to his work promoting the value of pharmacists provided MTM services throughout the United States, he has traveled to South Africa, the Philippines, Sweden, and Hungary to help pharmacists in those countries become better prepared to provide MTM services to their citizens. He has given over 30 invited presentations internationally and over 70 throughout the United States.

His teaching and research interests include: the US Health Care system, professionalism and leadership, health disparities, and Health Care Reform; and identifying the economic and clinical outcomes of pharmacists-provided Medication Therapy Management Services, expanded roles of pharmacists in the health care system, and consumer perception of pharmacists.

He holds adjunct appointments with the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy and College of Medicine, the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, and Xavier University School of Pharmacy.

Research Interests

Dr. Brown’s teaching and research interests include: the US Health Care system, professionalism and leadership, health disparities, and Health Care Reform; identifying the economic and clinical outcomes of pharmacists-provided Medication Therapy Management Services, expanded roles of pharmacists in the health care system, and consumer perception of pharmacists. He has given nearly 80 presentations throughout the US and nearly 40 presentations internationally. Dr. Brown has served as an expert consultant to help pharmacists in Hungary, Philippines, and South Africa to become more knowledgeable about and more engaged in pharmacist-provided medication therapy management for patients. Additionally, he has created and delivers a small group education session that utilizes motivational interviewing to help patients improve medication adherence.

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