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College of Performing Arts; Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music
Hunter Ochs
Music Technology
Office Location:
Oliphant Hall B01
Hunter Ochs is an audio-visual engineer and artist with diverse practical experience and a formal education as recording engineer and music producer.

He has produced and engineered music with the California Ear Unit, and he has engineered a variety of live and studio productions for Radio Cologne (WDR), Germany. Hunter has recorded and mixed for film, audio books, and radio. As live sound reinforcement engineer, Hunter has worked at the Ojai Music Festival in California and the Ought-One festival in Vermont. Hunter has collaborated with composers Eve Beglarian, Aaron Jay Kernis, Arthur Jarvinen, and Don Preston.

As interactive audivisual media designer, he currently works with Morton Subotnick on a series of educational programs for children.