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Peace Studies majors are encouraged to conduct significant original research in their field. Engaging in research improves critical thinking skills, creativity, problem solving abilities and builds intellectual independence. Not only is their learning enhanced, but students are building a competitive profile for scholarships and awards, graduate school, law school and ultimately the job market.

Peace Studies majors have conducted research projects in North Africa, South Africa, and Latin America, which resulted in conference presentations in the US and abroad. Opportunities for local activism can be found at The Orange County Peacebuilders Network. The opportunity for undergraduates to work closely with faculty members on a project provides opportunities not found at many larger universities. The presentation or publication of a student paper enhances opportunities for graduate studies or professional employment.

Students seeking information on careers, internships, and graduate study are encouraged to consult the Program in Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS) website. For a description of the field of peace studies and careers that flow from it, please see the KROC Institute for Peace Studies.

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