We have discussed creating an edited volume of interdisciplinary work, to which we may invite contributions from scholars from other universities. We have also established a working relationship with grassroots movements such as Padres Unidos, as well as Wilkinson Iluminación project. We already have two books under contract from the proceeding of last year’s immigration conference.

  • Members
  • Areas of research
  • Grants/funding
  • Student involvement
  • Victoria Carty, Sociology
    Tekle Woldemikael, Sociology
    Rafael Luévano, Religious Studies
    Tom Zoellner, English
    Morgan Read-Davidson, English
    Luis Franco-Ortiz, Math
    Kerk Kee, Communications
    Laura Loustau, Languages
    Sheila Steinberg, Sociology
    Shira Klein, History
    Crystal Murphy, Political Science
    Marisa S. Cianciarulo, Law
    • Grassroots and local immigration realities:
      Recent changes in the laws that criminalize undocumented persons, that in the past were civil offenses, and involving ICE in local/nonviolent infractions. The student movement and the DREAM ACT, which has been particularly vibrant in California, and the impact of Obama’s executive order to postpone deportation for students that qualify.
    • Public sociology:
      Scholars working in collaboration with community groups to establish networks and a symbiotic type of research/pedagogy
    • Social media:
      Facilitates grassroots mobilization efforts as it pertains to immigration reform
      U.S.-Mexico border issues:
      International trade agreements such as NAFTA create push factors for immigration into the United States
    • The Center for American Progress
    • National Science Foundation
    • The Pew Hispanic Center
    • Research assistants
    • Publication of their work
    • Aid with organization
    • Planning