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Our residential programs are specifically designed to enrich your campus living experience at Chapman.

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Our residence halls are more than just a place to sleep. This is where you will meet friends, study for classes, and learn more about yourself! The Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience provides residential programs to enrich the experiences of students living on-campus. Click on the opportunities below to learn more about what we offer.

+ - Fenestra Living Learning Communities

All first year students are housed together in our residence halls. The word Fenestra means window in Latin and through Fenestra Living Learning Communities (LLCs) students will be able to take advantage of the many windows of opportunity that Chapman has to offer. The Fenestra LLCs are designed to support first year students’ successful transition into the college environment and the Chapman community. All first year students who are living on campus will be assigned by their academic school/college/program in one of our first year halls. The Fenestra LLCs benefit students by allowing for: improved access to college/school-specific academic resources and events, an ability to explore their own academic identity earlier on in their collegiate experience & building strong connections between peers and faculty members with similar academic interests. 



Our residence halls are diverse and dynamic! With over 1400 first year students living on campus, there is always something to do. The Resident Advisors are trained to offer programs that will integrate first year students into the community and to promote resources that will support students through the transitional challenges they may face. Active participation in the Fenestra Living Learning Communities will help first year students build a foundation for academic success and a sense of belonging in the Chapman community.


First year students can contact their Resident Director, Resident Advisor or Fenestra Community Advisor to learn more about the opportunities within the Fenestra Living Learning Communities.

+ - Living Learning Communities

The Living Learning Communities (LLCs) in Sandhu Residence Center offer students the option to

continue to participate in an academically focused community after their first year at Chapman
University. Each LLC clusters residents of the same college together to facilitate opportunities for
additional contact between peers of similar disciplines with the goal of enhancing learning beyond the
classroom. The LLCs offer specialized educational and social programs to continue to build and support a
vibrant academic community.

The LLCs are available for continuing students in the traditional double occupancy rooms and designated
single rooms in Sandhu Residence Center. Students selecting housing through the LLC selection process
will been given assignment options on the basis of their major and affiliated college. Selection of the
two-bedroom and four-bedroom suites will take place independently of LLC housing selection and will
not be included in the LLC housing selection process.

LLC Communities

Crean College of Behavioral Science LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 1st Floor

Join a community that shares your passion for maintaining and contributing to individual and global
health. We will each contribute to a space where everyone can learn more about mental health, physical
health, and human behavior. Together, we’ll help raise global health awareness through the
development of healthy bodies, minds, and environments.

Schmid College of Science & Technology LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 1st Floor

Community members connect over the possibilities shaped by scientific thought and technological
advances. Together, we will collaborate on new ideas and methods and consider the future of
humankind shaped by creative applications of logic, science, and new technology. Join a community of
thinkers seeking change through scientific innovation and active citizenship.

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 2nd Floor

Share your passion for art, communication, culture, language, history, politics, philosophy, literature,
peace, religions, and sociology with others committed to academic inquiry and scholarship. Together,
we’ll learn more about how individuals shape and are shaped by society and make contributions to the
common good.

College of Educational Studies LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 2nd Floor

Join a community where you can share your interest in addressing social, political, and economic
injustices with others by striving to make a more just world through teaching, scholarship and
collaboration with local communities on various civic engagement initiatives. As a community we are
committed to developing each other as educators and leaders who will challenge convention and serve
as change agents in both schools and society.

Argyros School of Business & Economic LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 3rd Floor

Join a community that will soon be the future of business. Explore how creativity is a part of business
and non-profits as well as marketing and corporate communications. Community members will share
ideas and work together to solve problems. Together, we’ll work to foster an entrepreneurial mindset
that supports innovation and ambition.

College of Performing Arts LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 3rd Floor

Join others who are also not afraid to delve into new forms of creative expression through performing
arts. We will offer support for each other through collaboration, constructive artistic critiques, and
critical consideration of how to push each project or performance to the next level. We aim to develop
an open, non-judgmental space to gather inspiration and feedback.

Dodge College of Film & Media Arts LLC

Location: Sandhu Residence Center, 4th Floor

Share your professional interest in the entertainment industry with others in your community who also
have a passion for film and TV. Community members will connect with others to find inspiration and
gather feedback from peers with a variety of interests and specialties. We’ll collaborate on meaningful
projects and develop lasting connections for the rest of our careers.

+ - Doti-Struppa Rock Wall

Featuring a towering 51-foot textured surface, the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall boasts the tallest University-owned rock wall in Southern California. With one auto-belay, five belay stations, and ample bouldering routes, there’s something to climb for all experience levels. Click here to learn more.

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