Chapman's Breaking Ground Program
Chapman's Breaking Ground Program

»Chapman's Breaking Ground Program

Breaking Ground consists of four trainings: Safe Space, Chapman Demographics, Disability Awareness, and Inclusive Language.

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  • Safe Space
  • Chapman Demographics
  • Disability Awareness
  • Inclusive Language
  • The Breaking Ground: Safe Space training is a multi-faceted educational intervention supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and ally (LGBTQIA) campus community members. This training will assist individuals who wish to become identified allies on campus in exploring and increasing their own awareness and knowledge of the LGBTQIA community and its history. Trainees will receive information on relevant definitions, terms, and symbols, experiences from LGBTQIA students about campus climate, identity development, ways to be a visible ally, and resources for the LGBTQIA and ally communities. This training session impacts Chapman University both environmentally and culturally through its commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all LGBTQIA community members.

  • This Breaking Ground: Diversity Training session provides a review of Chapman University’s student body demographics with primary focus on the undergraduate population, giving up-to-date insight into the representation of various identities and communities within the larger Chapman community. Following the framework of federally protected identities in Chapman’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy, the training will address demographics of race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, citizenship, disability status, veteran status and more. Other topics will include students receiving financial aid, Greek life and first generation students. Through this interactive training session, individuals will expand their awareness of the diverse populations at Chapman and will begin to develop skills to fully serve and advocate for those communities. 

  • This Breaking Ground: Diversity Training session introduces individuals to the topic of disability awareness, focusing on the varying disabilities represented at Chapman and on the national level. Individuals will gain insight into the nuances of what it can mean to live with a disability, supplemented by voices from the Chapman community. The session will include a brief introduction to the disability rights movement and the concept of ableism. In addition, trainees will develop proficient advocacy knowledge and skills, including but not limited to definitions and terms, people-first language, Disability Services resources, and campus accessibility ins-and-outs.

  • This Breaking Ground: Diversity Training session focuses on language as an essential tool for inclusion and equity. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of people-first language and coded language, among others, and will develop an awareness of the non-inclusive language that negatively affect members of the Chapman community. Inclusive language will be explored in relation to federally protected and/or underrepresented identities on campus, including race, ethnicity, gender, citizenship, disability status, etc. In addition, participants will learn about Hate Incident and Hate Crime protocol. By the end of this training, individuals should have the knowledge to both speak inclusively and to actively advocate for communities or identities often targeted by non-inclusive language.

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