» Welcome to the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL) offers faculty:

  • Support and assistance in identifying and developing innovative models of excellent instruction.
  • Opportunities to dialogue among faculty members regarding the art and science of teaching.
  • IETL Faculty Ambassador program, with representatives from the academic units coordinating discipline-specific teaching supports and professional growth.
  • Comprehensive calendar of F2F (face-to-face) faculty development workshops offered across Chapman University.
  • IETL Blackboard (Bb) Organization (see “Teaching Resources from the IETL” on your Bb landing page under My Organizations), with 24/7 online resources and videos on topics including, but not limited to, syllabus development, effective teaching strategies, getting to know your students, and grading.
  • Instructional Video Studio in which faculty can easily produce their own instructional video content using the One Button Studio platform, including chroma key (green screen) and LearningGlass technologies.
  • Assistance in integrating effective, relevant, and innovative technologies into instruction.
  • One-on-one confidential consultation to develop effective teaching skills and/or to address specific teaching challenges.
  • Assistance in developing teaching portfolios for the purposes of Tenure and Promotion Review. 
  • Digital Badge Program (coming in Fall 2016) to document special skills, workshops, and certifications held; integrated with Mozilla Backpack and LinkedIn.
  • Opportunities for acculturation to Chapman University.

+ - Instructional Technology

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+ - Critical Year, Tenure & Promotion Resources

+ - Faculty Course Evaluations (ClassClimate)

How are course evaluations conducted and the results shared with faculty members at Chapman University?

Students at Chapman University evaluate faculty members using a platform called ClassClimate at the end of every term. Results of those evaluations for each class and instructor are emailed as a PDF attachment to every faculty member once the reports become available. Paperless course evaluation results are generally sent to faculty members within two weeks after the date grades for the term were due. Paper-based course evaluation results take significantly longer due to the time it takes to scan all paper evaluations for the term.

Faculty members should save the PDFs with their course evaluation results for use in their annual reviews and e-portfolios for critical, tenure, and promotion review.

I can't find my prior course evaluation results that I saved after receiving them via email. What can I do?

Alternatively, the results for prior terms can be downloaded directly through ClassClimate. There are two ClassClimate archive websites, one for evaluation results from Fall 2009 to the present, and one for evaluation results from Spring 2007 to Summer 2009.

Faculty members are able to access these ClassClimate websites only when there is no active data collection or open grading period. Because Chapman University has multiple academic calendars in operation simultaneously, we strongly suggest all faculty members review and store the PDF copies of their evaluation results that they receive via email, instead of relying on 'on-demand' access to the ClassClimate website. There are very few times during the year when the ClassClimate website is open to faculty members for direct downloads.

How are results viewed directly in ClassClimate?

If you are a faculty member accessing your own evaluation results, please login using your Chapman username and password.

If you are a Dean or Chair accessing evaluation results for faculty in your area, please login using the special role-based username and password that was given to you. If you do not have this information, please contact Julie Johnson at juliejohnson@chapman.edu.

Below are some documents with instructions on how to access ClassClimate. The documents located in "MyWindow" will require your Chapman login.

I tried to log into ClassClimate to view my evaluation results and it says my account has been deactivated. Why?

This means we are currently collecting evaluation data or there is an open grading period. You will need to rely on the emailed PDFs you previously received or, if you need immediate access, you may ask your dean/chair who reviews your course evaluations to download your past results and send them to you. 

I no longer work for Chapman University. How can I get a copy of my course evaluations?

If you are no longer employed at Chapman University and need access to your course evaluations, please email juliejohnson@chapman.edu with your name and the course numbers and sections, terms taught, along with the academic years, and we will assist you.

For any questions related to ClassClimate, please contact Julie at juliejohnson@chapman.edu.

Have a question or need assistance?

You can

  • contact us at IETL@chapman.edu 
  • visit us in Beckman Hall 108 on the Orange Campus
  • or call us at (714) 628-2720 (extension 2720) from any campus telephone.