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Graduate Student Grant Awards

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In line with Chapman University's commitment to the scholarly and creative activities of its graduate students, Scholarly/Creative Activity Grants and Conference Travel Grants are offered to all current graduate students. Graduate Student Scholarly/Creative Activity Grants are intended to provide support for a variety of clearly defined scholarly or creative projects while Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants are intended to provide support for graduate students’ travel to give accepted presentations at conferences. 

To apply for a Scholarly/CreativeActivity Grant or Conference Travel Grant, or for more information about the Graduate Student Grant program, the expenditure of grant funds, and the submission of reimbursement requests please visit:

Undergraduate Scholarships

Dr. Howard and award recipients

Applications Due: March 4, 2016  ,  Selection Notification: April 8, 2016

Graduate Scholarships

Dr. Jim Brown with scholarship recipient

Applications Due: March 4, 2016  ,  Selection Notification: April 8, 2016

Program Specific Graduate Scholarships

Drs. Henry Giroux and Suzanne Soohoo with Dr. Ahmed Younis

Summer Fellowship Applications Due: April 1, 2016  ,  Selection Notification: April 29, 2016.  All other applications due: June 1, 2016  ,  Selection Notification: July 1, 2016

2015 Honors Reception

2015 Honors Reception See what a great time the staff, faculty, recipients, and family of the recipients had at the 2015 Honors Reception. The powerpoint of scholarship and donor information have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure.