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This lectureship, together with the first endowed chair at Chapman University, was established in 1984 in the name of Belle Griset, whose son Francis Griset served as a Chapman Trustee for many years. The Griset Chair in Bible and Christian Studies was held by Prof. Marvin Meyer. The Griset Lectureship enables the department to invite prominent scholars to campus to teach and deliver public lectures in the area of Christianity and ethics.

Griset Lecturer 2016:  Keith Ward

Keith WardThe Religious Studies Department is very pleased to have British theologian, philosopher, and priest in the Church of England, Keith Ward, as this year’s Griset Lecturer in Christian Ethics. Prof. Ward is a fellow of the British Academy and Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity at Christ Church, Oxford University.  He has written extensively on science and religion and on comparative theology and ethics, having published more than 40 books and delivered distinguished lectures around the world, and is regularly interviewed on the BBC. 

Learn more about Prof. Ward, get a taste of his lecture style, or watch this series of lectures he delivered at Gresham College.

Rel 329 “Science and Religion: The Great Debate.”

Students have the extraordinary opportunity to take a one-unit 3 week seminar course with Prof. Ward Rel 329 “Science and Religion: The Great Debate.” Though he is exceedingly well published on this topic, he will be delivering a brand new set of lectures at Chapman, incorporating his latest thinking on topics such as cosmology and creation, evolution and the meaning of the universe, miracles and the explanatory power of science, consciousness and death, and much more. Course details.

Keiths bookPublic Lecture:  “Christ and the Cosmos”
February 29, 2016
Wallace All-Faiths Chapel
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Drawing on the resources of Indian religious thought and Western Idealism, this lecture will seek to provide a new and illuminating way for Christians to see Christ in the light of new scientific knowledge about the size and age of the cosmos.

Griset Lecturer 2010-2011

swinDr. Richard Swinburne
University of Oxford

Richard Swinburne is a Fellow of the British Academy. From 1985 to 2002 he was Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, University of Oxford.  He is the author of many books on the nature and justification of religious belief, and on other areas of philosophy including the philosophy of mind and epistemology.




Humans Consist of Two Parts: Body & Soul

October 11, 2010

Human beings have a mental life of sensation, thought, purpose, desire, and belief.  Although these mental states in part cause, and are caused by brain states, they are distinct from them. Richard Swinburne argues that we can only make sense of this interaction by supposing that mental states are states of a soul, a mental substance in interaction with the body. View Video!

How to Assess the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus 

October 13, 2010

Whether or not Jesus rose bodily from the dead remains perhaps the most critical and contentious issue in Christianity.  Richard Swinburne considers the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus and concludes that the evidence makes it probably that God raised Jesus from the dead. View Video!

+ - Griset Lecturer 2009

Griset Lecturer 2009

Dr. Nancy Pineda-Madrid
Boston College

Dr. Nancy Pineda-Madrid holds a doctoral degree in systematic and philosophical theology from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California). She works at the intersection of systematic theology and practical theology and is currently completing a monograph under the working title Suffering . . . . Salvation – A Latina Feminist Theological Reading.

Images of Woman: Sacred and Otherwise

In her lectures, Dr. Pineda-Madrid analyzed the female dualism of the Our Lady of Guadalupe and Malinche symbols, in a multimedia presentation. Through this consideration, she developed a grace-filled understanding of the human person from a Latina feminist theological perspective.

+ - Griset Lecturer 2008

Griset Lecturer 2008

Dr. Stephen T. Davis
Claremont McKenna College

Professor Davis is the Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College and the author of numerous books and articles including Christian Philosophical Theology (Oxford University Press). 

The Uniqueness of Christianity

In his lectures Prof. Davis argued for the uniqueness of Christianity in a world marked by diverse religious traditions with radically different claims.

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