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The Department of Religious Studies oversees three endowed lectureships that enrich the religious studies curriculum at Chapman University and provide students with opportunities to interact with distinguished national and international scholars of religion:norma

The Griset Lectureship

This lectureship, together with the first endowed chair at Chapman University, was established in 1984 in the name of Belle Griset, whose son Francis Griset served as a Chapman Trustee for many years. The Griset Lectureship enables the Department to invite prominent scholars to campus to teach and deliver public lectures in the area of Christianity and ethics. Upcoming and recent lecturers

Dominic CrossanThe Francis Lectureship

This lectureship was established in honor of Prof. Fred Francis, an expert on the writings of the Apostle Paul. Prof. Francis taught New Testament and Christian Ethics in the Religious Studies Department at Chapman from 1964-1984.  The lectureship was established in 1984 to bring eminent biblical scholars from around the world to speak to the Chapman community. Upcoming and recent lecturers.


three amigos

The Huntington Lectureship Fund

Established in honor of Prof. Ron Huntington, who taught at Chapman University from 1960-1994.  Prof. Huntington served as co-director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute with Dr. Kurt Bergel in the 1980s, was Dean of the World Campus Afloat Program in the 1960s, and is remembered especially for his popular course on modern world religions.  The Huntington Lectureship was established in 1994 to bring prominent scholars in world religions to lecture at Chapman. Upcoming and recent lecturers.

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