» MAIS Core Faculty Members

The M.A. in International Studies faculty is drawn from a variety of countries and several academic disciplines including political science, sociology, languages and law. In addition to their scholarly training they bring experience gained from working in the United Nations, UN-affiliated non-governmental organizations, journalism, and social activist organizations.

photo of Lynn  Horton
Lynn Horton
Program Director and Associate Professor of Sociology
(714) 997-6976
Dr. Horton’s research has emphasized social movements, environmentalism, and women’s rights in Central America. She has worked for NGOs in Washington D.C. and Latin America on issues of human rights and sustainable development. Dr. Horton’s first book, Peasants in Arms: War and Peace in the Mountains of Nicaragua, draws on fieldwork carried out in Nicaragua's conflict zones to analyze the origins and outcomes of that country's decade-long civil war. Her second book, Grassroots Struggles for Sustainability in Central America, explores from a comparative perspective, processes of grassroots empowerment in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, and the mobilization or rural and indigenous communities in favor of sustainability.
photo of Deepa  Badrinarayana
Deepa Badrinarayana
Associate Professor of Law
(714) 628-2673
Professor Badrinarayana's areas of expertise include environmental law, public health law, international trade, and corporate social responsibility. She has served as a consultant with the United Nations Global Compact and on India-World Bank environmental projects.
photo of Victoria  Carty
Victoria Carty
Assistant Professor of Sociology
(714) 744-2137
Victoria Carty's research focuses on transnational social movements in the United States, Mexico and Panama and role of the internet in social mobilization. Her research has explored cross-border union organizing and anti-sweatshop movements in Latin America.
photo of Laura  Loustau
Laura Loustau
Associate Professor of Spanish
(714) 744-7084
Dr. Loustau's expertise includes Latin American literatures written in the United States as well as U.S. Latino/a literatures. Her research explores notions of border, de(re)territorialization, nomadism, and transculturation.
photo of Andrea  Molle
Andrea Molle
Post Doctorial Research Associate, Institute for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Society Associate Researcher in Sociology and Political Science
Andrea Molle is an associate researcher in Sociology and Political Science at Chapman University. Prior to coming to Chapman, he was Post-doc fellow at Baylor University. From November 2006 to November 2008, he conducted anthropological researches on new religions in Japan working at the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture (Nagoya) under the JSPS programme. He is also Associate Researcher with the Italian School for East Asian Studies in Kyoto. Current projects at Chapman focus on computational social science, non-Christian religions and spiritualties, religious markets. He has published a book on new religions (in Italian) and several articles in journals in the fields of sociology and anthropology
photo of Crystal  Murphy
Crystal Murphy
Assistant Professor of Political Science
(714) 628-2763
Dr. Murphy's research focuses on conflict and post-conflict development, political economy and sustainability topics, and promotes qualitative methods for policy oriented scholarship. She has recently worked in the Sudan exploring micro-credit programs in post-war societies.
photo of Matthew  Sant
Matthew Sant
Adjunct Faculty
Professor Sant is a business attorney with broad experience representing innovative companies on the cutting edge of technology. At Broadcom Corporation, Mr. Sant serves as division general counsel of the Broadband Communications Group, one of three multi-billion dollar business units within the company. In addition to his law practice, Mr. Sant is deeply involved in public policy and international affairs. He teaches graduate level courses on law and policy at Chapman University, is an active member of the Pacific Council on International Policy and served as Chairman of the World Affairs Council of Orange County. Of particular interest are issues relating to national security, economics and globalization.
photo of Raymond  Sfeir
Raymond Sfeir
Professor of Economics and Management Science
(714) 997-6551
Dr. Sfeir's areas of expertise include microeconomics, applied econometrics, statistics, and forecasting. His research explores operations research, capital asset pricing, and manufacturing sector performance.
photo of Pilar  Valenzuela
Pilar Valenzuela
Associate Professor of Spanish
(714) 997-6516
Dr. Valenzuela's research focuses on Latin America, indigenous languages, and intercultural bilingual education. With funding from the National Science Foundation, she has documented endangered indigenous languages in the Amazon.
photo of Tekle  Woldemikael
Tekle Woldemikael
Professor of Sociology
(714) 744-7840
Dr. Woldemikael's areas of expertise include immigrants and refugees, racial identity, ethnicity and nationalism, language and public policy. His recent research has focused on the formation of Eritrean nationalist movements and religion.