» Undergraduate Admissions FAQ

+ - How many students do you plan to admit?

The number of students we admit varies depending on our goals and yield predictions each year. Generally, we admit up to 35 students.

+ - Can I submit additional portfolio pieces to showcase my work?

No. You may only submit up to 11 images.

+ - Can I submit additional department letters of recommendation?

We ask for one signed letter of recommendation from a recent art instructor but happily accept additional letters. These are separate to the letters requested for The Common Application. We suggest you pick your recommender wisely to make sure he/she is the best person to address your talents skills.

+ - Can I be admitted to another major at Chapman University if I am not admitted directly into the Department of Art?

Please contact our Office of Admissions for more information. You may call (714) 997-6711 or visit http://www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/applynow.aspx.

+ - What if I don't have any prior experience in my choice of program?

We don't specifically require you to have any experience related to your area of study. Instead, we hope your application will demonstrate your love and understanding of art as well as tell us about your creative abilities and endeavors, whatever they may be. Everyone is creative in his or her own way, show us your best artwork.

+ - Can I double major?

Any student at Chapman University can double major. For most programs, there is no additional application process or approval required, and a student is free to declare a double major at any time. A student should thoroughly consider the time commitment to each program before declaring a double major. Our BFA programs have substantial time commitments outside the classroom which can be challenging to juggle with other activities.

+ - Can I apply for a minor?

Any student at Chapman University may add a minor to their degree and declare it at any time. Applications to Minor in Art History, Studio Art or Art and Graphic Design require departmental approval, it is not an automatic process. Please contact the Department of Art office for more information, art@chapman.edu.

+ - Do you review SAT scores and high school GPA's for transfer students?

If a transfer student has earned more than 30 credits, the University will generally not ask to see SAT scores but will still require the submission of your high school transcripts. If you have earned more than 60 college credits, you will generally not need to submit either high school transcripts or SAT scores. However, there is a small chance the Office of Admission reviewers may ask you for the test scores or transcripts if they feel it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate your application. Please contact our Office of Admissions for more information.

+ - How do I submit the department application?

Art materials must be uploaded through Slideroom.

+ - Can I apply to the arts later, after being admitted to Chapman University?

Yes. You can apply to the department of art after you are admitted into Chapman University. This is subject to departmental approval and review of your portfolio and materials. We also suggest you consult with the Office of Admissions for advice on what classes to take at other colleges and how to improve your academic profile.

+ - Is the application or review process different for transfer students?

No. The only difference is the application deadlines.

Transfer applicants have no advantage over high school applicants.

+ - How do I submit the Arts Supplement?

On the Common Application, you must select that you plan to submit an arts supplement. This will bring you to the SlideRoom application system. You will then choose your program of study, and upload all required materials.
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