» Housing for Graduate and Law Students

Residence Life and First Year Experience has limited housing available for graduate and law students, but do hope to offer more spaces than normal in the off-campus, university-owned Panther Village Apartments for the 2018-2019 year.

Our housing is safe, healthful, well-maintained, affordable, clean, and accessible. The information below will help you learn about our housing process and will provide you insight into what it is like to live in the Orange community. If you have any questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to contact us.

+ - Application and Assignment Process

Chapman University has limited housing available for graduate and law students and their families. Students who are interested in living in one of our university owned properties must complete a Graduate and Law Student Housing Wait List Form. Housing is not guaranteed - students will be contacted if a property becomes available. Graduate and law students are encouraged to look for alternative living arrangements off campus. Our off-campus housing coordinator, Amanda Zamora, can assist with students seeking off-campus housing and can be reached at azamora@chapman.edu.

+ - Services and Resources

Chapman University is financially responsible for trash pick-up service, city water service, and general lawn care. Graduate and University House residents are financially responsible for all other utility services (phone, cable, Internet, gas, electric, etc.).

+ - Trash Pick-Up

CR&R Waste and Recycling Services is responsible for picking up your trash and recycle bins.

+ - Lawn Care

The University’s contracted lawn care and landscaping service, Valley Crest, will mow the front and backyards of university houses. It is the responsibility of the house resident to provide unobstructed access to the lawn, pick-up pet waste, and have personal items cleared so the service may care for the lawn. Valley Crest will not mow yards with pets in the yard and will not mow if the area is not cleared. It is the responsibility of the house resident to water their lawns, plants, and shrubbery.

+ - Facilities Maintenance Requests

If you would like to request that a facilities or maintenance issue be addressed, you need to complete a Facilities Work Request. Please include as much detail as possible in your request so that the Facilities staff member will know exactly what the problem is in your room/apartment/house. The time of completion depends on the severity of the issues they are currently responding to.

For emergency situations (such as plumbing issues, electrical hazards, broken windows or doors) that could cause safety/health risks or property damage, call Public Safety immediately. Provide the dispatcher with all the pertinent information, including your housing assignment and the exact nature of the problem, and they will contact the necessary Facilities staff member to respond to your emergency.

+ - Other Service Providers

There are numerous service providers for telephone, cable and Internet service. The below companies have been used by our residents frequently, but are by no means an endorsement of their service. It is advisable that residents search for a service that best suits their needs and feels comfortable to them.

+ - Living in the Orange Community

Graduate students are also members of the greater Orange and Southern California communities. Chapman University is located within the Old Towne Historical District of the City of Orange. This unique downtown area is known for its historical landmarks and vibrant culture. Visit Living in Orange for information on actively participating in the surrounding community.

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