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First Year Experience

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Jamie Gutierrez

Assistant Director
Residence Life and First Year Experience

Office: Davis Community Center, 214
Phone: (714) 997-6961
Email: jgutierr@chapman.edu

Hometown: Lomita, CA

My Chapman Story:
In August 2008, I was ready to begin my undergraduate college experience. I remember driving onto Chapman’s campus with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, excitement, and optimism. I parked my car in the Jim Miller parking structure and wandered into Glass Residence Hall. There, I found friendly faces sporting blue t-shirts donning the word “Puzzles.” “Hi, my name is Danny and I’m an Orientation Leader. How can I help you?” Throughout my orientation experience, the Orientation Leaders were so helpful and offered me the one thing I was most nervous to find, friendship. I was fortunate as an undergraduate to serve as an Orientation Leader and Orientation Coordinator. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Educational Studies and in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Leadership Development. I am so excited to be a member of the orientation team and I hope to make a positive impact on incoming students.

Advice to Chapman students:
Stick to your values, have fun, and reach for your dreams! College is a time to try new things, inquire, and develop. Don’t be afraid to push outside your comfort zone. One of my most valuable learning experiences as a college student was that in order to personally develop there needs to be a willingness to be uncomfortable. Always remember to stick to your values. They make you who you are and provide foundation for decision making. The time I spent as an undergraduate was unforgettable. I had the time of my life and made lifelong friends. I love Chapman University and I can’t wait to share that with incoming students.


Jordan Vaughn

Graduate Assistant
Residence Life and First Year Experience

Major: Marriage and Family Therapy
Phone: (714) 628-7379
Email: resstu102@chapman.edu

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

My Chapman Story:
I recently relocated to Orange County to pursue a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy here at Chapman University. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of San Diego in May of 2016, and officially decided that I did not want to leave Southern California any time soon! I have always loved how special and unique a college community feels. This has fueled my passion for leadership and creating campus connections. I hope to assist the department in creating a welcoming and open environment for every incoming and current student here at Chapman University!

Advice to Chapman students: 
If I were to give advice to a new student, I would tell them to carpe diem! This may be the fastest next four years of your life, and it is vital to live every moment and not let the little things pass you by. I look forward to working closely with the Orientation Team and creating a welcoming and memorable experience for the incoming Class of 2021!


Carlos Levya

Orientation Coordinator
Transfer Orientation and Special Events

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Music Technology
Email: resstu106@chapman.edu

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

My Chapman Story:
Growing up in a culturally diverse city such as Santa Ana, I was exposed to many different views of the world. I’m from a strong and rather large, Mexican-American family that finds its strength in compassion and love. What you would never guess is that I’m also an only child. In my experience, however, my cousins and others of my extended family acted as my siblings throughout my upbringing. Through them I learned the meaning of compassion, empathy and unconditional love, characteristics that are very prominent in the orientation program at Chapman.
Upon starting my first day at Chapman, I was struck with feelings of anxiety, excitement, doubt and curiosity because of the uncertainty I had from being a first-generation student. I can recount a moment during Orientation where I was unsure whether I wanted to attend Playfair that evening. I had decided that I would head home, then 2 Orientation Leaders came running towards me as I walked towards the parking garage. They asked why I wasn’t going to stay for the last event, and somehow persuaded me to stay. I would like to thank them for encouraging me to try something new. Ever since that moment, I knew I wanted to reciprocate that encouragement to new students who were in the exact same shoes as I was. For the next two years, I would spend the end of my summers serving the Chapman community and new students as an Orientation Leader, inspiring students to take risks and encourage them to step out of their comfort zones. As an Orientation Coordinator, I intend to use those experiences to encourage Orientation Leaders to step out of their comfort zones as well. I look forward to working with every individual on this team and making this transition for new students the best it can be. Go CU!


Harrison Wallace

Orientation Coordinator
Marketing and Publications

Major: Creative Producing
Minor: Art History
Email: resstu104@chapman.edu

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Why should students attend Orientation?
This is one of the only times in your life where you will be surrounded by so many people looking to make new friends and forge new relationships. It's a magical time when people are so willing to go outside their comfort zones and make connections. Take advantage of it

Advice to Chapman students: 
Seize every opportunity that comes your way. Try new things, and challenge yourself in all ways possible. Take lots of pictures. Do things your high school self never would have imagined. Always remind yourself that this is a time to learn, grow and make mistakes.


Morgan Vaughn

Orientation Coordinaor
Family Orientation and Academic Initiatives

Major: Integrated Educational Studies
Minor: Leadership Studies
Email: resstu105@chapman.edu

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

My Chapman Story:
I started at Chapman in the Fall of 2014. I could tell from the very first day of Orientation that I was in for the greatest adventure of my life, but as a first generation college student I had no idea what that adventure would look like. There were many different academic fields that interested me, and after experimenting with a couple of different major and minor combinations I ended up choosing to be an Integrated Educational Studies major and a Leadership Studies minor. I will also be starting course work for my Master of Arts in Leadership Development this Fall which means I get to stick around Chapman for longer than the traditional 4 years! One of the reasons I picked Chapman was that I knew I would have the opportunity to do so much more than just go to classes, so I spent my first year getting involved with a bunch of different programs and student organizations. One of my favorite involvements has been the Orientation Program. I’ve had the privilege of being an Orientation Leader for the past 2 years, and through this role I’ve loved helping new panthers find and create a sense of family within the Chapman community that will support them throughout their undergraduate experience. I’m so excited to continue my involvement with the program this year as an Orientation Coordinator and more specifically work with the families of new students and all the academic programs that Orientation Week has to offer!


Nick Walker

Orientation Coordinator
Operations and Logistics

Major: Film Prouction
Minor: Economics
Email: resstu103@chapman.edu

Hometown: Orange, CA

My Chapman Story:

Growing up in Orange meant that coming to Chapman University was a very unique experience for me. I was not moving far away from home like many of my classmates, and I was afraid that my roots and personal relationship with the town would deter from the adventure that is going to college. The second I stepped onto campus on the first day of Orientation all my fears disappeared. Even having practically grown up on this campus, I suddenly saw everything in a new light. Doors that I never knew existed opened for me, and the opportunities that presented themselves were endless. I quickly plunged myself into everything Chapman. As a Film Production major with a minor in Economics, I have been blessed with being a part of a wide variety of activities on campus. My above all favorite activity is Orientation. Being an Orientation Leader in the past, and now an Orientation Coordinator, has meant that I have been able to help impact incoming students in the same way I was a few years ago when I first started here. Knowing that I am a part of making that difficult transition easier makes my job so fulfilling.