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The goals and content of these programs center around personal dignity, diversity, equity, civility, and global citizenship. Through experience and knowledge gained from Cross-Cultural Engagement, students will:

  • Engage with one another respectfully and with civility
  • Strengthen their own framework of ethics and values
  • Approach lifelong learning with compassion and open-mindedness
  • Connect with a sense of global  responsibility and unity
  • Build just, caring, and accepting communities

One of the most critical aspects of a student’s college education is being able to live and learn in a welcoming, supportive and safe environment. Chapman focuses on developing and maintaining this valuable facet of student experience through Cross-Cultural Engagement.

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Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground is a multifaceted workshop program designed provide students with a resource for learning more about the diversity of communities reflected in the Chapman student population.
Two people hugging at the diversity & Equity Awards & Graduation Reception

Diversity & Equity Awards & Graduation Reception

In collaboration with the University Program Board, this event highlights some of the amazing work that’s done by students, staff and faculty at Chapman who are working toward greater inclusivity, sustainability, and positive local and global social change. Graduating seniors connected to the social justice community are recognized in this celebratory dinner in the spring of each year.
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Sisterhood Circle

The goal of this event is to reach out to womxn of color (staff, students, and faculty) to gather together, socialize, network, and have creative discussions about current and longstanding issues and events.
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Stonewall Discussion Group

This group seeks to create a confidential, supportive, social space for students who may just be coming out or looking to connect with social groups of LGBTQ+ community.
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Cultural Graduation

The event celebrates LGBTQIA, disability, Black, Latinx, and Asian Pacific Islander students graduating from Chapman University. Five separate events will held throughout the campus. We hope these celebrations will allow these students to come together as a community before they embark on post-grad life
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Salam Affinity Group

Salam! is a Middle Eastern Affinity group and the first of its kind at Chapman’s Cross Cultural Center. We are inviting students of Middle Eastern and South Asian backgrounds to internally engage in their identities. In meeting every other week, we hope to address matters of hybridity, representation, and empower a future that is informed, but never limited, by the past. Our point of departure rests in the idea that identity is always in ‘production’. What we were is as important as what we are becoming. Through community led discussions, the space will bring to the surface a cultural identity that is defined by its nuances. In allowing Chapman students to claim their narratives, through contradiction and agreement, we might more precisely define the Middle Eastern experience.