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Civic Engagement Initiatives offers a variety of learning opportunities to support Chapman students' aspirations for global citizenship by supporting the development of students' civic identity; understanding of our local, national, and global communities; and civic skill set necessary for effective advocacy and engagement in public issues.

CU at the Booths

CU at the Booths »

CU at the Booths is a non-partisan voter education and registration initiative to support students' engagement in local and national politics.
LEAD 485: New Orleans Travel Course

LEAD 485: Leadership Through The Eye of the Storm

This 4-credit leadership course explores leadership and civic responsibility through analysis of Hurricane Katrina and the impact that disaster continues to have on New Orleans. LEAD 485 includes a nine-day service learning trip to New Orleans to work with Rebuilding Together on home rebuilding projects.
Impact your world

Alternative Break Program »

Impact your world! The Alternative Break Program provides students with an opportunity to work with community agencies, needs, and populations in a week-long service and immersion experience during fall and spring breaks.
OC Watershed Education Ambassadors

OC Watershed Education Ambassadors

OC Watershed Education Ambassadors develop and facilitate presentations for local elementary students on the importance of water conservation and pollution prevention. All presentations meet California state standards and provide a unique opportunity to foster sustainable living in future generations.
Campus Community Garden

Campus Community Garden

Chapman University’s community garden program includes raised beds in the Davis Quad. It is open to all students, faculty, and staff.
Chapman Day of Service

Chapman Day of Service »

Make a difference in less than a day! The Chapman Day of Service is a community-wide event. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to work with other members of the Chapman family to address immediate needs in our local community!
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Do you want fresh, local, seasonal produce delivered to you? Subscribe to CSA! Community Supported Agriculture connects you to local farms and food.
Immigration in America

Deliberative Dialogues

Deliberative dialogues involve diving beneath dichotomies of right and wrong to consider both the benefits and shortcomings of solutions to public problems. Previous dialogues have addressed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, immigration in the United States, gun legislation, and climate change.
The Global Citizens Wall

The Global Citizens Wall

The Global Citizens Wall, located in the Student Union, encourages the development of well-informed and engaged students through critical thinking and civil discourse on civic ideas and issues. Use this space to deliberate with your peers on things that matter to you!
Futuros Brillantes Mentoring Program

Futuros Brillantes Mentoring Program

This year-long mentoring program provides students with an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with a local high school student, support them through college and career exploration, and collaborate on a civic engagement project for the local community.
Next Step

Next Step »

The Next Step Social Justice Retreat, which takes place every year in February, nurtures students’ ambitions for positive change through activism by developing their participant and facilitator skills and knowledge on all subjects relevant to social justice work, from racism and religious discrimination to identity and relationships.
Roots Native Habitat Restoration

Roots Native Habitat Restoration

Roots is all about restoration: the restoration of habitat, wildlife, sustainability, and a connection to place through restoration work at Upper Newport Bay, one of California’s largest remaining coastal wetlands.
Service Opportunity Database

Service Opportunity Database »

Browse through a variety of service opportunities at local public service agencies. Whether you’re interested in working to end poverty, address hunger and food insecurity, or advocate for animals, we have likely found an opportunity for you!