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First-Generation College Students at Chapman can request funding from the Promising Futures Program for the following experiences below that will enhance their academic experience. A first-generation college student is a student whose neither parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have completed a bachelor’s degree. Being the first in your family to complete a bachelor’s degree is a great accomplishment and we are here to support you to take advantage of opportunities that are available to assist you in your growth and pursuit of your goals. Students who have been involved in the Promising Futures Program will be given priority consideration for funding requests. All applicants’ financial need will be verified.

For questions about requesting funding from the Promising Futures Program you can contact:

Dr. Nina LeNoir, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education (

Margaret McDonough Monroe, Administrative Operations Coordinator for the Chancellor’s Office, and assistant to Dr. Nina LeNoir for Promising Futures funding requests, (

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