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The mission of the Promising Futures Program is to develop a sense of community among first-generation college students at Chapman and to support the academic success of first-generation students through programming, including general meetings, study sessions, workshops, mentoring, and socials.

A bachelor’s degree will provide you and your family with better opportunities and you will earn more over the course of your lifetime--$1,000,000 more than those with high school diplomas alone. Your perseverance, resourcefulness, and hard work have helped you make it to this point and will serve you well during your time at Chapman and beyond! Through the Promising Futures Program we look forward to providing you with tips and insight on navigating your journey through higher education, since first-generation students may be entering with limited knowledge about the language and traditions of higher education and the resources available to facilitate your success in the university setting.

Tips from Current Chapman First-Generation Students:

We asked our current first-generation students: “What advice would you share with incoming first-generation college students at Chapman?” and they responded:

  • Get involved! Join clubs and do community service.
  • Try not to be shy. Introduce yourself! There are people to help.
  • It can sometimes be hard to find a sense of belonging, but don’t be afraid, because the Chapman community is welcoming. Get involved and you will grow so much.
  • Use resources that are available to you.
  • It’s important to be open-minded.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions; if you are looking for help, you will find it.

Recommendations for First-Generation College Students

  • Attend New Student Orientation – this will help get you connected to the campus community and resources from the very start. Please check out the Orientation website for more information and questions.
  • Get Support – join clubs and organizations that are of interest to you to get involved and develop your support system on campus! Talk with people whom you trust, such as family members and friends, about what you are experiencing as you transition into the new college environment. Also seek out support from faculty/staff on campus to assist you!
  • Utilize Campus Resources – we encourage all students to take advantage of all the programs and services available to assist you! Please visit the “Student Resources” section for web site links and more information about campus resources. Also utilize your fellow first-generation college students as a resource, since they have already navigated through this experience and are knowledgeable about all available campus resources!
  • Find and Maintain Balance – while in college you will have a lot to juggle! Balance, organization, and time management will be key to your success. With your academic, social, work, and family responsibilities, it will be important for you to find a way to balance competing needs and obligations. Remember the hard work that got you here will also help keep you here.
  • Ask For the Support of Your Parents/Family – since your parents did not pursue a bachelor’s degree, they may not understand what you are experiencing and the amount of time and effort you will be putting into your academics. Provide your family members with an idea of what college is like by sharing with them your daily activities and let them know how they can best support you!
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Promising Futures Program students are pursuing great things including studying abroad outside of the U.S., taking on leadership roles in clubs/organizations on-campus, going on to pursue graduate study, and lots more!