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Jonathan Wysocki

Dodge College Course: Intro to Film Aesthetics

Born and raised in Southern California, Jonathan Wysocki grew up in the world of theater. After being told his plays were “too big for the stage” he turned to the world of film, where he has been “frolicking” ever since.

While still in school, Wysocki worked in production on numerous film and television projects, including Legally Blonde 2. He began his career as Charles Herman-Wurmfeld’s assistant, where he served as the Associate Producer on the feature The Hammer. For the last six years, he has been working as a feature film programmer for the Los Angeles Film Festival, while developing his screenplay, All Fall Down, which was recently selected for the Sundance Screenwriters and Directors Labs.  

“If you have patience, persistence and faith in your abilities, you will succeed,” Wysocki says with an “emphasis on patience!” he adds.