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Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Jeff Phillips

Dodge College Courses: Writing the Adaptation, Seminar in TV Writing: Drama
Industry Affiliations: Writers Guild of America

Jeff Phillips is an award winning screenwriter-director and author who has been a working writer in Hollywood since 1995.  He has 12 produced movies to his credit in both film and television.  His recent credits include: Co-screenplay, Valley of the Gods at SpyGlass, Stealing Time at Sony, and Fort Knox at Warner Bros., Co-writer Teleplay, Space Warriors, for Hallmark Channel (2013) – winner Best TV Movie SET awards; Story Consultant on Lion’s Gate feature, La Vida Robot (2013), and Focus Features The Moon and the Sun (2104).  He currently has 2 features and an episodic pilot in development with Sparker Entertainment (National Treasure franchise).

As a writer-producer, Jeff has worked with top industry professionals such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mace Neufeld, Penny Finkleman-Cox, and Oren Aviv to name a few. But his proudest accomplishment came in 2009, when he wrote and directed the multiple-award winning feature film, @urFRENZ, crewed entirely by Chapman film students.  It was the first narrative film about cyberbullying.

His books include the graphic novel “Houdini: The Man from Beyond,” and the script and production diary for the making of @urFRENZ.

He teaches graduate and undergraduate screenwriting and production at Chapman University, where he earned an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English.  “I know how lucky I have been to succeed in the industry. Teaching is a way for me to both pass on the knowledge that I’ve acquired and to acknowledge the help that I’ve received from my professors and peers.  But I’ve learned a great deal from my students, who continue to inspire me.”  His most important advice for aspiring writers and filmmakers is a line from the film Galaxy Quest:  “Never give up.  Never surrender.”