» Dr. Clas Wihlborg
Professor, Fletcher Jones Chair in International Business
Research Faculty

The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Dr. Clas Wihlborg
Office Location:
Beckman Hall 307E
(714) 744-7630
Lund University, Bachelor of Arts
Princeton University, Ph.D.
Fletcher Jones Chair in International Business. Ph.D., Princeton University. Dr. Wihlborg has held faculty positions in Finance and International Business at New York University, and in Finance and Business Economics at the University of Southern California, At Göteborg University in Sweden he was Head of the Financial Economics programs before moving in 2000 to the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark, where he was a Professor of Finance and Director for the Center for Law, Economics and Financial Institutions (LEFIC). He is a member of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). His research and teaching have focused on International Finance, International Financial Management, Law and Economics, and Financial Institutions. In these areas he has published numerous journal articles and books, most recently as coauthor of Corporate Performance and the Exposure to Macroeconomic Fluctuations.
Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
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