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Summer 2018 Travel Courses are now closed. The deadline was Tuesday, March 27, 2018. 


 Chapman students participating in the Cambodia travel courseThe final cost of the Travel Course will be determined by the number of participants enrolled. The cost range does not include Chapman University tuition costs. The most current summer tuition costs can be found through the Business Office.

There is a one-time tuition waiver (up to 4 credits) for a travel course taken through Chapman University. Download the tuition waiver.

Undergraduate Chapman students who identify as First Generation can apply to receive assistance for travel costs for study abroad. Go to Chapman's Promising Futures page and click on the "Promising Futures Funding Assistance" link. Also view other scholarship opportunities for short-term programs.  

Summer 2018 Travel Courses

City/Country Dates Course Section Faculty Contact Cost Range Status
Multiple Cities Denmark, Norway, Sweden 5/26/18 – 6/8/18 BUS 687: Business in Scandinavia Niklas Myhr, Clas Wihlborg $3,727-$4,099 Closed - Full
Multiple Cities, Taiwan 7/8/18 - 7/28/18  CHIN 101A, 102A, 201A, 301A, 399A: Chinese, Culture and Society Tina I-Ting Chao $2,744-$3,018 Closed - Full
Multiple Cities, Israel 6/23/18 - 7/13/18 DANC 351: Contemporary Dance in Israel Julianne O'Brien, Ido Tadmor $8,133-$8,947 Cancelled
London, UK 7/2/18 - 7/23/18 ENG 355/ENG 555: Theater in England Kent Lehnhof $2,812-$3,093 Cancelled
Belfast, Northern Ireland 6/30/18 - 7/9/18 ENG 447A/HON 447: The Real Westeros: Game of Thrones & Northern Ireland Justine Van Meter $2,312-$2,544 Closed - Full
Nice, France 6/10/18 - 6/30/18 FREN 101, 102, 201, 345 & 399: French John Boitano $2,924-$3,216 Closed - Full
London, UK 7/7/18 - 7/29/18 GD 308: Sustainable Design Eric Chimenti $3,952-$4,347 Closed - Full
Sicily, Italy 6/24/18 - 7/15/18

ITAL 101A, 102A, 201A, 301A, 399A: A Journey to Sicily-Immersion in Taormina

Federico Pacchioni $4,238-$4,662 Closed - Full
London, UK 6/24/18 – 7/6/18

LEAD 495/510: Leadership International Context, London

Chris Hutchison, Justin Koppelman $4,064-$4,470 Cancelled
Multiple Cities, Denmark; Multiple Cities, Greece; Multiple Cities, Russia 6/5/18– 6/27/18

TH 351: Exploring Theatre Around the World

Don Guy, Alicia Guy $5,607-$6,168 Closed-Full
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