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Find great advice and tips for traveling and living abroad! Please note that Chapman does not not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services, except for the official U.S. government resources. We encourage you to research any organization that provides services or information abroad regarding their business practices.

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Use the links below to find information to connect with support and resources for your religion while abroad. 

General Resources

Buddhist Resources

Catholic Resources

  • Blog post: About maintaining faith while abroad 

Jewish Resources

  • Kahal: Your Jewish Home Abroad: Through a partnership with Hillel at Denver University and the Office of International Education, you can connect with Jewish students abroad near you and local Jewish communities. To get in touch with KAHAL, sign up for Kahal to get resources on holiday celebrations, Shabbat dinners, and other opportunities while traveling. KAHAL will help you jump into the culture around you by accessing the local Jewish community. 

Muslim Resources

  • IslamiCity: Source of Islamic information and large Muslim e-Community
  • IslamicFinder: Resources for navigating daily life
  • Salatomatic: Guide to finding mosques and Islamic institutions near you

Protestant Resources

  • Australia: Fellowship of Christian University Students

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