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Due to the selectivity of the BA Dance program, all prospective applicants are now required to submit a pre-screen audition for initial review through the Creative Supplement. All applicants are also required to submit a Common Application and all other corresponding admission documents to be considered for admission to the University. To be offered admission for the Dance program at Chapman, students must be both academically accepted to the University and artistically accepted into the program. 

Once the admission committee and dance faculty have reviewed your application and uploaded pre-screen audition, you may be invited to attend an in-person audition and interview on our main campus. All prospective applicants will be reviewed by the Admission and Dance committee prior to admission decisions being released. Talent Awards are considered upon review of your Creative Supplement submission and/or audition. No additional paperwork or application is required. 

NOTE: All incoming Dance majors begin in the BA program track that provides an excellent comprehensive education in dance and technique training. For students who want to pursue more intense dance training, the BFA track is available and requires an additional audition spring of sophomore year. For acceptance as a minor, students must submit an application once they are a current Chapman student.

+ - Deadlines

First Year students can apply Early Decision (binding) or Early Action (non-binding) by Nov. 1, or Regular Decision by Jan. 15. Transfer Students can apply Regular Decision by Feb. 15. A final admission decision will not be made until all appropriate materials have been submitted and reviewed by the admission and dance committees. 

NOTE: The Early Decision and Early Action deadlines are considered priority deadlines. We recommend that students with a strong interest in Dance submit their Common Application and Creative Supplement prior to Nov. 1. Students who consider Chapman University their first-choice school should apply Early Decision. 

Late applications are reviewed on a space available basis only. Please refer to the application checklist for more information on specified Admission deadline(s). 

Common Application, Creative Supplement and Pre-Screen Audition Deadlines:

  • FIRST YEAR Early Decision (binding): Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  • FIRST YEAR Early Action (non-binding): Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  • FIRST YEAR Regular Decision: Monday, January 15, 2018
  • TRANSFER Regular Decision: Thursday, February 15, 2018

* The Common Application, Creative Supplement and Pre-Screen Audition must be submitted online by 11:59pm PST on the appropriate deadline. 

+ - Common Application, Creative Supplement and Pre-Screen Requirements

All students applying to Dance must submit a Common Application, Creative Supplement, pre-screen audition video and all additional Common Application materials in order to be considered for admission. Please refer to our Common Application checklist page for additional information. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

Common Application instructions 

Creative Supplement Instructions 

The following items must be submitted through the Creative Supplement to be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Arts, Dance: 

  • Letter of Recommendation: The letter should come from your most recent dance instructor or a professional with whom you have worked. Once your Creative Supplement is submitted, you will be prompted to your applicant status page where you can enter your recommender's information. Your recommender will receive an email prompting him or her to upload their recommendation into the Creative Supplement. Please keep in mind this letter of recommendation is specific to the Department of Dance. This is a separate recommendation from those required by the Office of Admission.
  • Dance Resume: This should include your training, teachers, performance and technical experience. Include the names of dance directors and choreographers you have worked with, as well as any media work you have done. You may want to include awards and any summer scholarships you have received. 
  • Photograph: Please upload a photo of yourself so we can identify you - professional headshots are not required. 
  • Pre-Screen Audition Videos: Once your Creative Supplement has been submitted, you will gain access to your applicant status page where you will be prompted to upload your pre-screen videos.
    • Your pre-screen audition video for the department will consist of a brief introduction and dance solo performance. 
      • Introduction: In 60 seconds or less, state your name, where you're from and a brief discussion of your performing experience. Please be sure to address why you want to attend Chapman. Be sure to use a medium shot (from chest up). 
      • Dance Audition: Please prepare a two minute dance solo demonstrating your dance technique and artistry. It may be choreographed by you or for you (please be sure to credit the choreographer).
        • If you have skills in more than one dance form (jazz, modern, ballet, tap, etc.), you may present two separate one minute pieces to demonstrate your talent. Technical prowess, presence, musicality, expression and performance quality will be evaluated to determine admittance, as well as talent awards. 


+ - In-Person Auditions (by invitation only)

If invited to audition in-person, you will have the option to choose an audition date on our main campus. The date, location, times available and expectations will be included with your emailed invitation after review of your pre-screen audition upload session.

Pre-screen auditions are reviewed on a rolling basis so please be patient in hearing back from both the Department of Dance and the Office of Admission. 

NOTE: If you are invited to audition but are unable to come to campus, you may request that we use your audition upload submission as your audition. If possible, auditioning in-person is highly encouraged. 

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