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photo of Jean Taber
Jean Taber
Assistant to the Dean, College of Performing Arts
Moulton Hall 247
(714) 997-6519
Jean Taber's is the voice at the other end of the phone line when you call the College of Performing Arts. She helps keep the dean’s office organized for a host of projects, including correspondence, meetings and events. She also assists with writing publicity materials, processing mailings, and managing marketing and social media for the college. She is happiest sharing the many exciting stories of artistic expression and exploration within the College of Performing Arts made possible by the students, faculty, staff, donors and other community supporters of the arts.
After earning her B.A. in English at the University of California, Irvine, Jean worked in marketing communications as part of the in-house agency of a computer networking manufacturer, and then later as a product marketing manager at a major computer products distributor. The computer industry remained her home for many years and was where she also enjoyed working in corporate communications, and investor and public relations.
Just prior to Chapman she worked as a freelance writer, web designer and social media manager for small business and non-profit clients in Southern California. Jean is a California native. She and her husband Jim have three children who are becoming bright, capable young adults despite their parents. In her spare time she tends a small flock of backyard chickens and advocates for mental health issues.