» Why PeopleSoft?

+ - Why did we move to a new system?

The campus made the decision to move to PeopleSoft back in 2012, when it became obvious that our older systems managing Finance, HR and Student Administration were becoming obsolete.

+ - I don’t think this new system is any better than our old system; in fact, it might be worse. Why would we make a change like this?

We are at the beginning of our journey with PeopleSoft, and have not implemented even close to all the functionality that is available to us.  Over the coming months and years, we will be implementing other functionality that’s available to us that would not have been available in our old systems.  This includes things like mobile technology, student planning and advising, and integration with the Blackboard gradebook.  We know that the transition is difficult, and we appreciate your patience.

+ - When are we moving to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions?

We will be moving to the new system for the Fall 2015 semester. You’ll be able to access it by going to my.chapman.edu either from the Chapman home page, or directly.

+ - I’ve heard that PeopleSoft will be replacing Blackboard. Is this true?

PeopleSoft will not be replacing Blackboard. Blackboard is Chapman’s Learning Management System, while PeopleSoft is used for Administrative purposes.  There is some integration between PeopleSoft and Blackboard, in that class rosters are fed from PeopleSoft to Blackboard, but there is no intent to replace Blackboard with PeopleSoft.

+ - What is the difference between PeopleSoft and Campus Solutions?

PeopleSoft is the integrated system Chapman acquired to manage many university computing functions.  There are currently three different PeopleSoft modules active on campus.  PeopleSoft Financials, PeopleSoft HCM (Human Capital Management/HR) and Campus Solutions.  Campus Solutions if the umbrella term for all student related functions – Admission, Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Accounts and Academic Advising.

+ - Is My Window still in use? When do I use My Window vs. My.Chapman.edu?

Mywindow is the current internet portal where you can find a variety of useful resources, including the annual report information, the evaluation calendar, links to various campus constituencies and services including Blackboard, Qualtrics and Peoplesoft Finance, as well as Campus Solutions.  The new my.chapman.edu is a self-service portal that provides access to Peoplesoft Campus Solutions for students, faculty and staff, including access to the Faculty Center, used for class rosters and grading.

+ - What is the difference between the Self-Service Portal, the Faculty Center and Advisor Center?

My.Chapman.edu is the Self Service portal used by Faculty, Staff and Students.  My Self-Service allows employees to view personal information including payroll and benefits that is maintained on the PeopleSoft HCM system.  The Faculty Self-Service link opens the Faculty Center.  Within the Faculty Center, you have access to class schedules, class rosters and textbook entry functionality.  Advisor Self Service opens the Advisor Center and is available to faculty advisors and academic advisors.  The Advisor Center lists your assigned advisees and provides reports and academic information to assist you in advising students as they pursue their degree(s).

+ - I have to log into the VPN to complete expense reports – do I have to use the VPN to enter Campus Solutions?

No. You can access my.chapman.edu from off-campus without using the VPN.

+ - Do students have access to PeopleSoft?

Yes!  Students are currently using PeopleSoft/Campus Solutions to register for classes, pay tuition and fees and manage their financial aid awards.  Students access the system using my.chapman.edu.

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