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Welcome to the Argyros School!

As you begin an educational trek that will transform your life, I would like to offer you three pieces of advice for your journey ahead.

Try to learn one thing each day that you did not already know. Simply put, we do not expect that you know everything, but hope that you will be open to learning. This learning can and will be achieved in class, during outside assignments, in casual discussions with classmates, or a thousand other places and times.

Create opportunities. You will have opportunities inside and outside the classroom to connect with your professors, top executives, and your peers. Networking and getting involved with the Argyros School and university will open doors. 

Do what you are capable of, not only what is required. The only person to get in your way is you, so challenge yourself to go beyond. This is your degree and your future. 

For the next two years, we want you to learn new things, create possibilities, and succeed in the classroom and your future endeavors. Enjoy the journey. 

Best wishes from all of the students, staff, and faculty in the Argyros School!

Debra Gonda
Interim Assistant Dean, Graduate Business Programs

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