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WHAT IS SENIOR LEGACY?!?... We’re glad you asked!  

Our Mission is to unite seniors through engaging experiences, instilling a lifelong commitment to Chapman University
that impacts student opportunities by supporting scholarships.

It is a long-standing Chapman tradition for the senior class to present the university with a gift as a way to commemorate their time at Chapman and give back to the university. The Class of 2014 has decided for their class gift to be in the form of merit-based scholarships to support future generations of Panthers.

Being a student at Chapman, more than likely you have taken advantage of opportunities provided by the university. Whether it be through greek life, athletics, hands on experience or academics - Chapman has provided you with some great experiences that turned into memories to last a lifetime. This would not be possible without the financial support of the Chapman Fund. By giving a gift of $20.14 you are helping to put more money into merit-based scholarships and giving future students the opportunity of having the Chapman experience.

MAKE IT COUNT by Giving!

Making your gift is easy! You can donate online, at one of our many events or tabling days throughout the year. You can give by cash, check or credit card. Make your gift by Monday, May 12 to be recognized in the Senior Convocation Program. 

Our goal is to have 14% of the class join the Senior Legacy in support of scholarships. 

Senior Experiences

In addition to our fundraising campaign, Senior Legacy wants to provide more chances for seniors to celebrate their final moments together at Chapman.

Get Connected...

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram (CUseniorlegacy14) and twitter (@CUseniorlegacy14) to stay updated with the latest events and announcements! 

Get Involved...

Send Ashley Stockemer '14 or Andrew Schreyer '14, co-chairs, an email at

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  • Devyn Bisson '14 
    Hannah Brown '14 
    Sarah Buckley '14
    Brianda Castellanos '14 
    Andy Chiang '14
    Megan Daughtery '14
    Kathleen Doll '14
    Leeann Dowd '14
    Deena Edwards '14 
    Tawny Ehlert '14
    Danielle Esquivel '14
    Katie Fabanish '14 
    Jenny Feinstein '14 
    Nathan Flanagan-Frankl '14
    Mina Foisia '14
    Sam Forrest '14
    Rose Fruci '14 
    Alana Garibaldi '14
    Claire Gavin '14
    Diane Gerstenfeld '14
    Zoey Gordon '14 
    Elena Granadino '14
    Allison Harf '14
    Maddie Haslam '14
    Bronwyn Holder '14
    Annie Hornung '14
    Rachel Humphrey '14
    Tom Jackson '14
    Assad Jandali '14
    Shay Johnson '14
    Adam Kalawi '14
    Alexandra Kaufman '14
    Sarah Lamb '14
    Ben Lambillotte '14
    Michelle Lanthier '14
    Jacquelyn Laughlin '14 
    Lloyd Layton '14
    Michelle Lewis '14
    Chad Marquez '14
    Cheyne Mench '14 
    Matt Mench '14 
    Ashley Merda '14
    Monica Merrill '14
    Laura Miller '14
    Ashley Moradipour '14 
    Nicole Mynott '14
    Vince Navarro '14
    Devon Norjean '14
    Amy Parrish '14 
    Stephen Pollard '14
    Jaime Powell '14
    Christian Robbie '14
    Karen Rosenbaum '14
    Deryn Russell '14
    Andrew Schreyer '14
    Katie Sellars '14
    Nicole Shay '14
    Michael Spagnoli '14
    Ashley Stockemer '14
    Lindsey Strach '14
    Natalya Subbotina '14
    Brandon Tracey '14
    Alyson Vallario '14
    Devon Wagstaff '14
    Cristin Walder '14
    Katie Wise '14
    Nate Woodward '14
  • What is Senior Legacy?
    In brief, the Senior Legacy unites seniors through engaging experiences and instills a lifelong commitment to Chapman University that impacts future student opportunities. Furthermore, the Senior Legacy will be hosting events to bring the Class of 2014 together throughout the year as well as encouraging donations by seniors to the senior class gift, benefiting the merit-based scholarship fund and providing opportunities for future panthers.

    Why is it important to give?
    The Senior Legacy Campaign will create opportunities for future students to have the same fulfilling Chapman experience that you enjoyed during your time here. Did you know that over 82% of Chapman students benefit from some form of financial aid or scholarship assistance. Helping others receive an outstanding Chapman University education is a powerful way to show our thanks for the support we received as students while empowering future generations. Furthermore, donations made by seniors increase the value of the Chapman degree by increasing alumni giving rates and university rankings.

    How do I make a gift?
    Making your gift is easy! You can donate at one of our many events or tabling days throughout the year or you can donate online, by mail, or by filling out and dropping off a Student Donation form in the mail to Chapman Gift Recorder, One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866.

    What if I can't afford it?
    There is no minimum gift. Whether you choose to contribute $20.14, $50 or $214, every gift is important. Together, the Class of 2014 can and will make a meaningful and lasting legacy at Chapman University.

    How can I get involved?
    Contact Ashley Stockemer or Andrew Schreyer at or Jessica Price '11, alumni engagement manager, at

  • The Senior Legacy is looking for next year's committee and leadership.  

    Are you interested in leaving your legacy at Chapman University?
    Are you passionate about giving back? 
    Do you want to recognize others who give back?
    Do you want to put on fun events and programs to bring the senior class together?

    If so, click here to apply. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Price '11, alumni engagement manager, at

    Current Progress

    With the campaign starting on September 13, 66 Chapman seniors have come together to make a difference in the lives of students by raising more than $2,590 for merit-based scholarships.

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