»Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is an important component of the Chapman University Risk Management Department.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to developing, implementing and maintaining University policies adhering to local, state and federal environmental health and safety regulations. 

EH&S works closely with the Chapman University Facilities Management and Campus Planning Department in the design and development of facilities, work areas and work procedures and makes environmental, health and safety recommendations accordingly.

EH&S supports the needs of the University in Environmental Management, Industrial Hygiene, Laboratory Safety, Biological Safety, Radiation Safety, Emergency Management, and Occupational Health & Safety. Responsibilities include preparing, maintaining, and updating the University’s environmental policy and procedure manuals.

EH&S and Chapman University Risk Management are responsible for keeping the Chapman University community updated on related environmental, health and safety regulations, and any changes to laws and regulations that impact the University.  The Chapman University Environmental Health & Safety Manager is the University’s principal contact with all federal, state, and local regulatory bodies on related issues.

Karen Swift is the Chapman University Environmental Health & Safety Manager.  Karen may be reached by campus email or by phone at (714) 628-2888. 

+-Campus-wide Safety Forms and Tools

Online Training Materials

Interim Online Training Information (PDF)

Education and Training Materials

Bloodborne Pathogen Video Training

Creating Art Safely

Hazardous Waste Training (PDF)

General Safety Materials

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (PDF)

Chemical Inventory System (CHIMERA) (Restricted Access Login)

Emergency Eye Wash/Safety Shower Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)

Emergency Eye/Face Wash Station Testing Instructions (PDF)

Ergonomics Information Packet (PDF)

Search SDS/MSDS Database (Accessible via Chapman University computers)

Sharps Injury Report and Incident Log (PDF)

+-Science Program Safety Forms & Tools (Schmid College of Science & Technology, Crean School of Health & Life Sciences, School of Pharmacy)

+-Accident/Incident Reporting Requirements

Accident/incident investigations are necessary to identify causation and to help identify deficiencies in the environment and implement corrective actions that might be indicated. 

Staff, faculty and students who are assigned responsibility for an activity shall immediately investigate and report all occurrences (incidents, near miss, accidents, and illnesses).

To facilitate this process, Chapman University uses and electronic reporting format that can be accessed by all members of the university community. This way your report will be properly filed with Risk Management, and someone will be back in contact with you for further information if necessary.

Actions Required

  1. In the event of an accident on campus that involves personal injury, IMMEDIATELY report the incident to Chapman University Public Safety by calling 911 from any campus phone, or if using any other phone by dialing the dispatch desk at (714) 997-6763.  Public Safety is open 24 hours a day, year-round. Public Safety will provide a prompt response, and will notify the Orange Fire and/or Police Department as indicated. Public Safety officers are experienced in proper technique for investigation and can assist and/or provide further direction with regard to your investigation.  
  2. Complete the online Incident/Accident Investigation Report. This form should be used to report an incident and document the findings of your preliminary investigation. An incident is defined to include any event that results in injury to a person or damage to property. Complete this electronic form as soon as possible but within 24 hours of the event. Your online report will be filed with the Chapman University Risk Manager.

For more information on reporting requirements, including how to conduct a thorough incident/accident investigation, please review the Chapman University Incident/Accident Reporting Document

Visit this page for access to the Incident/Accident Investigation Report

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