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Recent posts of network or system issues, planned outages, and their eventual resolution. Contact the Service Desk to report new issues.

Scheduled Maintenance for TurnItIn.com
TurnItIn.com is having a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, August 20th from 7am - 11am (Pacific Standard Time). During this time frame, TurnItIn.com services will be temporarily unavailable.
Published: 8/17/2016 10:17 AM

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Lynda.com link in Blackboard not accessible for new content.
At this time, the embedded Lynda.com link within Blackboard’s content area is currently not accessible for new content. The directions below are the current work around for linking Lynda.com content to Blackboard. If the embedded link is restored you will receive an immediate notification from the Blackboard Specialist team. To link Lynda.com videos into your blackboard course, please copy and paste the following link into the URL search field. (http://wordpress.chapman.edu/blackboard/lynda-com/)
Published: 8/22/2016 3:48 PM

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Blackboard Downtime 1-3am, Friday, August 19th
Due to some technical problems with the BlackboardLearn database, we will have a 2-hour period of downtime tonight between 1-3am. We apologize for the necessity of this downtime, and ask that you contact blackboard@chapman.edu if you need help rescheduling assignment due dates to accommodate due to this unplanned maintenance period. This downtime will repair two current issues that some users are having with BlackboardLearn. The first issue is that some users are receiving an error message in Blackboard that says “HTTP Status 508 — An unrecoverable error loop occurred while displaying the Blackboard Learn error page.” If you receive this error, the workaround is to login to Blackboard in a different web browser (such as switching from Firefox to Chrome) or to login from a different computer. The other issue that users are reporting is that they cannot copy materials from one course to another. The course copy function will not work until after the system downtime tonight. If you have submitted a course copy that has not yet been processed, you may need to resubmit your request after the downtime. Please contact blackboard@chapman.edu if you need support with the course copy procedure.
Published: 8/18/2016 2:36 PM

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BlackboardLearn Errors
Starting at about noon on August 16th, we began experiencing some errors with BlackboardLearn that include: -Course Copy Processes that never complete -An error that reads: “HTTP Status 508 — An unrecoverable error loop occurred while displaying the Blackboard Learn error page” Please report any instances of these errors to the ServiceDesk (servicedesk@chapman.edu), so we can reach out to you once we have fixed the problems.
Published: 8/18/2016 8:21 AM

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