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The Chapman Fund is the cornerstone that sustains the forward motion and discovery that happens every day at Chapman University. This important source of unrestricted funding is the foundation upon which steady improvement and growth are built, and it is the prime resource for making the most of new opportunities to shape the future of the university.

A Prosperous Future

In 2011, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founding of Chapman University. That celebration offered time to reflect on the past, appreciate the present and plan for the future of this great institution. Achieving a prosperous future for Chapman University requires everyone’s involvement in the Chapman Fund. In the end, it all comes down to fulfilling our promise — a promise we’ve made to our community, our faculty, our alumni and, most importantly, a promise we’ve made to our students.

Every student, faculty member and corner of campus benefits from the Chapman Fund. It is truly our most powerful tool in unlocking Chapman’s potential.

Support the Chapman Fund today.

Gifts to the Chapman Fund keep the university’s extraordinary vision moving forward by supporting four important areas:


Scholarships are a critical piece of the Chapman Fund. Each year Chapman invests more than $80 million in scholarships, grants and loans for academically promising and needy undergraduate students. By reducing the stressful and often prohibitive financial burden of tuition, scholarships open the door to a Chapman education for deserving young men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

+-Faculty Excellence

Faculty who bridge research and practice are central to a Chapman education. The Chapman Fund encourages excellence among faculty by providing resources for student/faculty research, curriculum development and many other programs that advance the mission of the university.

+-Student Enrichment

Chapman University recognizes that much of a student’s education takes place outside of the classroom. To truly fulfill our mission of developing inquiring and ethical global citizens, we encourage students to reach outside the traditional boundaries of higher education and seek alternative experiences for personal growth and learning. The Chapman Fund provides support for faculty-guided student travel, extended research opportunities, student-led campus ventures and philanthropic initiatives.

+-Emerging Opportunities

From career development opportunities to lab and research materials to campus and residence renovation projects, Chapman’s highest priorities change from year to year. Unrestricted giving to the Chapman Fund empowers university leadership to address the most pressing needs of the community as they arise.

+-Contact the Office of Annual Giving

Office of Annual Giving
Phone:  (714) 628-2834
Fax: (714) 628-2770


Brady Hogan
Director, Chapman Fund
(714) 744-7970

Riley Donovan
(714) 744-2184

Jessica Price
Young Alumni Giving Coordinator
(714) 628-2777

Molly Gauss
Development Assistant
(714) 628-2834

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