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Chapman University Risk Management has created a variety of resources designed to help members of the university community with safe and effective management of your programs, activities and events. These are broadly categorized into 3 different areas:  
  1. General Resources: This includes a variety of documents, manuals, policies, procedures, and other resources that may be valuable to you as you perform your work with the University. Chapman University login is required.
  2. Forms & Tools: These are electronic forms and tools designed to meet a variety of needs. Chapman University login is required. Peruse the list to see what might be of value to you.
  3. Training Videos: These are videos supplied by other parties and are available to Chapman University students, faculty and staff.  Chapman University login is required.  Peruse the list to see what might be of value to you.

+ - General Resources

Activity and Event Risk Management Manual (PDF)

Auto Insurance Collision Damage Waiver (PDF)

Auto Insurance Identification Card (for owned, leased, rental cars) (Chapman) (Brandman)

Automobile Use / Authorized Driver Policy (PDF)

Automobile Use / Fleet Regulations, Safety and Accident Reporting Guidelines (PDF)

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (PDF)

Carpooling Best Practices (PDF)

Certificate of Insurance: Indemnity and Insurance Requirements (PDF)  

Certificate of Insurance: Requirements for Affiliation Agreements (PDF)

Driving Safely Training (PDF)

Emergency Procedure Flipchart (PDF)

Field Trip (Academic) Waiver & Release Form (PDF)

Fine Arts Lending Template (Email Request)

Food Safety Training (PDF)

Glossary of Insurance Terms (PDF)

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIP) (PDF) (For employee acknowledgement, click on this link)

Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Insurance and Certificate of Insurance Training (PDF

Special Events Insurance (PDF)

Stormwater Management Training (Presentation)   (Brochure)

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance (INFO)  (ENROLL)  (FAQ)

Waiver Form for Domestic Travel Program (Must be customized for the event) (Word)

Waiver Form for Elective Activities  and Field Trips (Must be customized for the event) (Online) (PDF)  

Waiver Form for Elective Activities - ROSTER FORMAT (Must be customized for the event) (PDF)

Waiver Form for Study Abroad Travel Program (Must be customized for the event) (PDF)

Workers' Compensation Insurance Requirements (PDF)

+ - Forms and Tools (Internal Use Only)

Certificate of Insurance Request Form (Form) (Instructions)

Certificate of Insurance Request Form - Brandman Alternative Form (Form)

Certificate of Insurance Database (Restricted Access Form)

Certificate of Insurance Training PowerPoint (PDF)

Chemical Inventory System (CHIMERA) (Restricted Access Login)

International Travel Insurance and Assistance Enrollment Form https://web.chapman.edu/ace/

International Travel Insurance and Assistance Plan Description (Student) (Employee)

International Travel Protocol - Excluded Travel (PDF)

SDS - Safety Data Sheet Search (Database)

Incident/Accident Investigation Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Incident/Accident Investigation Report (Form) (Informational Video)

United Educators Online Training Programs (PDF)

+ - Programs with Minor Participants

The university is committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of students and others who visit our campus. To accomplish this objective the university has developed policies and procedures to describe requirements placed on administrators, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and others working with minors—to promote their protection, to fulfill our obligations as mandated by law, and to provide the best possible experience for any child visiting our campuses or in university-related programs. From the below link(s) members of the university community can access those policies and procedures.

These procedures require registration of your program(s) on the Chapman University Registry of Programs Involving Minors.  New programs as well as repeat programs, both on and off-campus must be reported.  Within this form you will identify the various staff and volunteers who will be servicing the program. This online registration form will provide information necessary to assist you in your activities and/or programs that involve interaction with minors. Our goal is to assist you in the development and management of programs that provide a successful experience for all parties and help the University to comply with state and federal legislation related to this age group of individuals. 

View the Chapman University Interim Protocol for Programs Involving Minors

View the Chapman University Registry of Programs Involving Minors

For the online training course on Protecting Children from Sexual Misconduct, this is provided by our liability insurer and hosted on the Risk Management Services Blackboard site as an Organization.  To request enrollment in this course, please click on this link or email risk@chapman.edu.

+ - Accident/Incident Reporting Requirements

Individuals who experience injury or illness and require emergency medical care should call 911 for the proper level of medical support. Other individuals who require medical care should seek the services of their preferred provider.  For urgent, but non-emergency care, US Healthworks has a number of clinics near our campus locations:

  • Rinker Campus:  15751 Rockfield Blvd., Irvine, CA  92618, Phone: (949) 206-9100 and 22741 Lambert St., Suite 1608, Lake Forest, CA  92630, Phone: (949) 581-3011
  • Orange Campus: 800 N Tustin Ave. Suite A, Santa Ana, CA  92705, Phone: (714) 245-0800

Accident/incident investigations are necessary to identify causation and to help identify deficiencies in the environment and implement corrective actions that might be indicated. 

Staff, faculty and students who are assigned responsibility for an activity shall immediately investigate and report all occurrences (incidents, near miss, accidents, and illnesses).

To facilitate this process, Chapman University uses and electronic reporting format that can be accessed by all members of the university community. This way your report will be properly filed with Risk Management, and someone will be back in contact with you for further information if necessary.

Actions Required

  1. In the event of an accident on campus that involves personal injury, IMMEDIATELY report the incident to Chapman University Public Safety by calling 911 from any campus phone, or if using any other phone by dialing the dispatch desk at (714) 997-6763.  Public Safety is open 24 hours a day, year- round. Public Safety will provide a prompt response, and will notify the Orange Fire and/or Police Department as indicated. Public Safety officers are experienced in proper technique for investigation and can assist and/or provide further direction with regard to your investigation.  
  2. Complete the online Incident/Accident Investigation Report. This form should be used to report an incident and document the findings of your preliminary investigation. An incident is defined to include any event that results in injury to a person or damage to property. Complete this electronic form as soon as possible but within 24 hours of the event. Your online report will be filed with the Chapman University Risk Manager.

For more information on reporting requirements, including how to conduct a thorough incident/accident investigation, please review the Chapman University Incident/Accident Reporting Document

For online access, visit the Incident/Accident Investigation Report

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