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CRASsH and BURN is designed to build a strong research culture within Wilkinson College. It will be the primary infrastructure to support and encourage high level research that will define our College as the research college of the University. At its core is true interdisciplinarity – a form of knowledge without borders, defined outside of departmental structure. It will become the umbrella that will unify our research efforts and provide key support to develop and sustain this research. While recognizing the benefits of research collaboration, CRASsH and BURN also aims to support the work of the individual scholar, providing opportunities that may not ordinarily be available. In difficult economic times (when the support for Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences is severely contracting and funding is becoming ever more competitive) this initiative aims to allow us to define ourselves by what we see as important and significant. BURN is a unique attribute of the program, aiming to provide students with access to key researchers. By embedding students within these active research groups, BURN will give students extraordinary opportunities to develop their skills, broaden their knowledge, and engage in research in practical and demonstrable ways.


  • By building research groups with specific focus and identity we will raise the research productivity and profile of the College
  • Provide support (funding, staff support, travel, students) to facilitate research
  • Build grant and donor funds
  • Provide students with access to research activities
  • Create a flow of researchers to and from the College
  • Develop a unique PhD program
  • Run nationally and internationally recognized conferences based around CRASsH groups


CRASsH groups will be supported in numerous ways, including:

  • Grant seeking and writing
  • Travel for conferences
  • Student support
  • Teaching release
  • Funding to support activities

The ethos of CRASsH and BURN is to facilitate research at the individual and group levels, therefore one of the key benefits is to have your research interests supported and at the same time develop work with others. These ‘others’ will include your colleagues and the students.

To support the CRASsH groups, the Dean will provide the following to recognized CRASsH and Burn groups:

1. Challenge grant money up to $2,000 will be made available to groups to support their research/creative activities upon submission of an application for an external grant of at least $50,000.  This is a competitive program, with only the most outstanding applicants receiving funds.

2. The Dean will provide money student worker funds to support student researchers attached to CRASsH groups who are engaged in a meaningful research or creative experience. This assumes 2-3 students per group.

3. Proposals for Faculty development workshops will be considered for funding and the Dean will provide college-wide opportunities for faculty development.

4. Requests by CRASsH groups for funds to present at scholarly conferences will be available. Priority will be given to groups with a solid plan to follow up presentations with publications, grant applications or the like.

5. The Dean will work with the library to provide materials necessary to support CRASsH and BURN.

6. It is an aim that eventually CRASsH group leaders can bank time for course releases or may be provided with a stipend.

7. Funds to bring speakers to campus in support of CRASsH activities are available, but limited.

As WCHSS begins to bring in more external grants, CRASsH will be increasingly sustained by the indirects from those grants.

Constitution of the Research Groups 

Successful groups that will be supported by the college will:

1.  Have representation from at least two different departments/programs.
2. Demonstrate a coherant and innovative ‘theme’, most likely this will be a ‘niche’ area located within established fields and at the same time be interdisciplinary and not department-centric.
3. Have a viable number of members –somewhere between 4-10.

4. Have completed the ‘formation of a research group’ proposal.
5. Meet on a regular basis (at least three times each semester) and be able to produce an annual report on the work produced and in progress.
6. Aim to contribute in a variety of ways to the research agenda. some examples of this are: hosting scholars; developing new cross departmental programs; publishing (edited works; joint publications); fostering student research; running a conference and/or symposium; developing research links outside of the college and university; presenting work at conferences.

Group Proposal Form

Call for group proposal graphicDownload the CRASsH RCP Proposal form. Be sure to fill it out as complete as possible and email it to the Dean's Office by November 1, 2012.  

Group Proposal Form Examples:

+-Connect with Colleagues and Search for Grants

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+-Blackboard Discussion Group

Be sure to check out the CRASsH Research Group Forum in Blackboard. This is a place to share your thoughts, successes, and challenges!

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