Graphic design majors are required to complete one mandatory internship and are encouraged to intern as often as they are able. The students partner with the Career Development Center and a Graphic Design faculty member as they work. Internship locations include design firms, advertising agencies, and industries with in-house design departments. Check back often for updates.

+-2010 - Present

Brenna Butler, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at MBI Media

Annie Unruh, 2014: Marketing Assistant at Elite Global Solutions

Sophie Lerner, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at Kee Media

Kelly Smith, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at Trezo Coffee

Spencer Wierwille, 2014:Graphic Design Intern at Hasbro

Sasha Netchaev, 2014: Graphic Design Intern at Hearst Corporation

Elizabeth Bacon, 2014: Orange County Museum of Art

Artem Barinov, 2014: Saxxon Studios, LLC.

Rachel Becker, 2014: What Youth Magazine

Kendyll Bieze, 2014: Bowers Museum

Amanda DeFrancis, 2014: Orange Coast Magazine

Ashley Delaney, 2014: Special occasion DJ & Lighting

Kathryn Ferons, 2014: DreamWorks Animation

Wesley Eramo, 2014: Fearless Records

Diana Goldberg, 2014: Jovenville

Michele Jonas, 2014: Billabong

Katrina Kland, 2014: O’Neill

Candace Larson, 2014: XERQ

Grace Lavery, 2014: Ocean Magazine

Amanda Norris, 2014: Newport Beach Film Festival

Zachary Oransky, 2014: Kairos Society

Nicole Pawloski, 2014: Billabong

Taylor Peck, 2014: Anton Warkentin Designs

Stephanie Pieper, 2014: Camp Design Group

Faye Pinner, 2014: Enzoani

Spencer Thordarson, 2014: BH Bikes

Melissa Wilcox, 2014: Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Grace Wilson, 2014: O’Neill

Victoria Wong, 2014: BuzzMob

Casey Wyman, 2014: Girard Studio

Jake Kincaid, 2015: SmogDesign; Summer of 2014

Maneesh Sidhu, 2015: Universal Studios; Summer of 2014

Valerie Rustad, 2014:Hoodzpah Art and Graphics; 2014 and Filter Magazine; Interterm of 2013

Ryley Schlachter, 2014: Filter Magazine; Summer of 2013

Nikita Hegde: Intern at the advertising agency DDB in Dubai. Worked on Unilever brands - writing creative briefs, brainstorming campaign ideas and carrying out market research tasks. Summer 2012

Jennifer Sharp: I had a graphic design internship at the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Help with the CEO’s weekly newsletter, webpage banners, poster/advertisement design and generally any type of graphic that is needed by the company. Summer and Fall 2012

Katrina Chen, 2012: Seventeen Magazine; Summer 2011.

Breanna Rawding, 2012: General Dynamics Advanced Informations Systems; Summer 2011

Deena Edwards, 2012: 160over90; 2014 and Production Resource Group; Summer of 2011

Anton Warketin, 2012: Preemptive Love Coalition in Iraq; Summer of 2011

Ariel Roth, 2013: Blade Design; Summer 2011

Jessica Becker, 2011: Clear Channel Communications in Seattle, WA as a web designer in charge of general upkeep.

Jhoanne Mecija & Kyle Pidot, 2011: Artisan Records in Fullerton, CA.

Kristen Entringer, 2011: Davidson & Belluso Advertising and Design in Phoenix, AZ developing concepts for clients and agency self-promotion.

Bobby Evers, 2011: Helped with proposal ideas, sat in on meetings, and did overall design work for an ad agency in Bend, OR.

Simon Blockley, 2011: Amarati in New York City, NY where he worked on jobs from Power-Aid and Pirates Booty.

Kristin Hinkley, 2011: Network Music Group in Hollywood, CA in their Web Graphics Department. She also interned for Mia Rose Products closer to home in Orange, CA.

Ian Hutchinson, 2011: Bozel Agency in Omaha, NE with clients like First National Bank.

Kim Dworak, 2011: Baby Bird Communications in Newport Beach, CA.

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