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Here you will find information about campus services, clubs and organizations, and postings at Chapman University.

+ - How do I schedule a meeting with Dean Price or DeAnn Yocum Gaffney?

studentsYou may contact the Dean of Students office to schedule a meeting with either Dean Price or DeAnn Yocum Gaffney by emailing Aruni Wijewardene at asella@chapman.edu or Elise Cimino at ecimino@chapman.edu

+ - What services does the campus offer for students with disabilities?

Chapman University strives to provide the best service to students with disabilities. Each student is assessed on an individual basis, thus each accommodation varies. Examples of accommodations include sign language interpretation, designated tables and chairs in classrooms, volunteer peer note takers and more. Visit HERE for more information. 

+ - Where would I go to find discounted tickets for a Chapman related program?

Unless otherwise specified, you may pick up tickets from the Ticketing Office in room AF302, on the third floor of Argyros Forum. 

+ - How can I find out about all of the clubs that Chapman University offers?

students signing posterVisit the OrgSync website at www.chapman.orgsync.com, where every club and organization at Chapman has a description and contact information.

+ - Where can I go to learn more about Greek Life?

Visit the GREEK LIFE HOMEPAGE or contact Jaclyn Dreschler at dreschle@chapman.edu

+ - How do I get involved with SGA? UPB?

Visit the Student Government Association webpage HERE , or the University Programming Board’s page at www.chapman.edu/upb

+ - Where do I find information about athletic team try-outs?

Contact the head coach of the team you are interested in. Visit www.chapmanathletics.com/information/directory/index to find the contact information for all of the athletic staff.

+ - Which student organizations are available for students who want to promote diversity and equity on campus?

There are currently seven diversity and equity initiative clubs on campus, including the Biracial & Multiracial Discussion Group (B.A.M!), Campus Kiva, Chapman Safe Space Program, Diversity and Equity Initiatives, Next Step Social Justice Retreat, Social Justice Council, and Ubuntu Community Dialogue Circle.  For more information, visit www.chapman.orgsync.com

+ - I’m interested in starting a club on campus. How do I find more information on this?

Visit http://www.chapman.edu/scl/studentorgs/startclub/ and then contact the Student Organization Assistants at studentorgs@chapman.edu to find out more about the recognition process.

+ - I’m a transfer student and I commute and want to find a sense of community on campus. What do you suggest I get involved in?

Chapman has over 90 student clubs and organizations. Check out any of them at www.chapman.orgsync.com

+ - Where do I go to make the painted posters, signs, etc like the ones I see all over campus?

studentsVisit Arygros Forum 303 on Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Large butcher paper is available, and paint supplies are provided upon request at the front desk.

+ - I have a club I would like to advertise with flyers. Where can I get them approved and where can they be hung?

Postings on community bulletin boards do not require approval; postings for all locations other than community bulletin boards require approval depending on the location. Postings throughout campus must be approved by the front desk in Argyros Forum 303; postings in residence life must be approved by Housing and Residence Life in Davis Community Center 209, and postings at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts must be approved at Marion Knotts Studios 309. Groups that are not recognized or sponsored by Chapman University may only post on the campus community bulletin boards.

View the attached PDF for more information. 

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