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Glass Hall is home to first-year students, sophomores, and its mascot the shark!

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Glass Hall is comprised of three four-floor wings; two outer wings of traditional rooms and a center wing of apartments. The hall is surrounded by a gate that can only be accessed by current residents. Students will pass beautiful outdoor courtyards on their way to the interior hallways through which all residence room and apartment doors can be found.

+ - Room Amenities

All Glass Rooms and Apartments

  • Twin extra-long bed for each resident
  • Dresser for each resident
  • Desk and desk chair for each resident
  • A/C & heater
  • 1 bathroom
  • Ethernet connections; wireless Internet throughout building
  • 2 phone jacks
  • Cable

 Glass Apartments Only

  • Common living room with breakfast bar and 4 barstools
  • Kitchen, including stove, fridge, and microwave (no oven)

 To learn more about what you should bring with you to your Chapman room, visit Moving In.

+ - Building Features

  • Trash/recycling facilities on every floor
  • TV lounges on every floor
  • Study lounge on 3rd floor
  • Laundry room on 4th floor

+ - Glass Hall Staff 2015-2016

RD Nathan Worden

Nathan Worden
Resident Director

RA Jenna Dietrich

Jenna Dietrich
Lead RA
Rooms 340-353

RA Sam Wall

Sam Wall
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 140-153

RA Taylor Panconi 

Taylor Panconi
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 200-225

RA Aidan Wood

Aidan Wood
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 240-253

RA Nora Filet

Nora Filet
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 300-325

RA Tori Edgar

Tori Edgar
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 100-125

RA Ryan King

Ryan King
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 400-425

RA Megan Dung

Megan Dung
Glass Hall RA
Rooms 440-452

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Photo of Glass Hall central courtyard.
Glass Triple Schematic

Glass Room Layouts

Click here to view a PDF of our room layouts.

Glass Hall Facts

Built: 2004

Named for Jerrold and Jacqueline Glass

Available for first year and sophomore students

Hall Office: (714) 516-6137
Hall Office Hours: 4 PM - 12 AM

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