»Exploring Your Major or Career

Choosing a career or major is not always an easy task! This is because the connection between major and career options is not always a clear one. The tools in the section can make it easier to choose a path that can lead to your dream career. Click here to view our suggested four year plan.

Self Assessments

three men sitting around a tableSelf Assessments can help no matter what point you are in your academic/professional career. Though this may seem simple, it is important to take the time to assess yourself and your capabilities. There are many forms of Career Assessments out there. After reading and understanding what they are you can contact the CDC to register and make an appointment to take the assessment.

Explore Careers

students and employers at a career fair

Before choosing a career or major it is a good idea to investigate your fields of interest. There are many websites and resources out there on this subject. This page offers a number of resources and guides to help you along the way.

Explore Majors

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Sometimes choosing a major can be a difficult step and understanding how to use it can be even harder. The Career Development Center is here to help you choose and use your major based on your own personal interests and skills. This section provides a number of useful tips and resources to help you in choosing the major that is right for you.